What am I doing wrong here, please someone explain? I have just played a conquest game in Normandy, I worked my socks off getting my team at the front, laying Rallys, Ammo and what ever I could plus worked my butt off at the objective to hold it. We lost, I came second from the top of the scoreboard only to find that the top guy won the best engineer with 12 points to my 20. Here is me thinking :thinking: I`ll just run in and have a shootem up in future, why bother with putting all the effort in :frowning_with_open_mouth: Looking at the 12-20 statistic’s ratio there is obviously something in the engineers armoury like AA guns maybe or something like that he can keep laying down to win his points, I am guessing here. For sure, though, I am losing the will to live when it comes to me basing my game on the engineer front :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Sadly, “best engineer” does not mean the guy who did the most engineers dedicated actions. It only means the one guy that used the class and made the most points, kills, buildings, cap all included WHILE using the class.

So, if you build stuff like crazy, help a lot with rallies, fortifications and ammunition… a guy with an AVT or fg42 might still get the spot if he gunned down others like a maniac…


Building fortifications, rallies, ammunitions etc. can gain you something much better than this award. It can get you victory, and that’s a x1.5% xp multiplier… Still worth it.

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Thank you for the heads up, Joe, it looks like I have to just lump it and keep doing my thing :+1:

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