Engineers not being played properly

Noticed a growing number of terrible engineer players who pretty much REFUSE to make rally points, ammo, etc. It’s becoming a Battlefield free for all game. Any way to encourage players to teamplay???

To answer your question make rally point building faster and reward it with more xp.

But u know lazy engineers were always a problem

are you sure they were not bots? i can hardly tell these days…

It won’t work because… They already did that XD before building rallies didn’t award much xp at all, it was for smart players simply wanting to win. There’s also a nice “build faster” perk I use on all my engies, I can make a rally in 3 or 4 seconds… if 3 or 4 seconds is too long… I sadly don’t think EVEN making instantaneous builds will motivate players more… :frowning:

I do so much more XP by building engineer constructions. A simple barbed wire, where a real player can pass but bots will get stuck is a gold mine of XP. Simply build it that a human being will pass it but the AI gets stuck with it. The passage shouldn’t be closed by it so the AI thinks there is room to pass but they get stuck with it.I never understood how people don’t recognize that and still refuse to play it properly. It isn’t a issue of rewarding people more XP that they will play it correctly.
In my opinion the engineering class should be immediately a default class instead of snipers or fighter planes. It would help for newcomers to immediately interact with the class and learn its powers.

I must admitt I don’t build many rallies. Mostly because a) almost nobody uses them even if they are F-ing 20m from the cap; b) my team is so shit RP gets overrun in a few seconds.

Here’s why I don’t always put rally points down as engineer

  1. I’m trying to setup defenses for the objective and I’m not even done by the time the enemy shows up so I either a. leave the objective defenses weak to walk back to make a rally point, or b. stay and have a better chance killing guys and continuing to setup defenses instead of just walk off the objective

  2. I only have 1 engineer in my squad so I AM, ME am forced to slowly build the rally point instead of pushing.

  3. It simply requires me to go out of my way for the whole team because they won’t build one and I can’t always be the one to make one.

I’m always playing the engineer properly. rush in, kill as many people with my rifle as possible and only use the building to resupply myself with ammo