Engineer's Day

Already very soon. Right this weekend we will be preparing a diary for you about new places.


Also @1942786

Can we get one hammer overall or one per campaign?

This is the main idea of ​​the event. It’s fun and easy to get some bonuses and teach as many of your comrades as possible that engineers are cool.


small hint, is it warm or cold there?

Can I see the information about the level expansion next week?

Will the update be affected by the situation?

Total 8
2 per campaign (1 per country)

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All. All campaing


It’s a matter of principle. If we create rules only to break them when it suits us, why establish rules in the first place?
Follow the rules or instead of pretending you do, let everyone run with Stg already.


Any event is good event.
And considering the hint, i’m really excited for further engineer updates (pls consider my suggestion).

Though if it’s hinting at weapon custimization and maybe veteran ranks for soldiers still would be nice, i guess this change will be part of next major update at the end of battlepass?

It would be funny if this hammer was able to do melee damage, normal hammers can be swung with the “melee” secondary fire button but I don’t think they do damage.


You complain to much. Did y’all forget there is a war going on in Europe? Things change and can be pushed back. Chill

Hell jeah lets Swing that Hammer in somebodys Brain.

Theres Always Anything goes on in the World
Immigrants, Corona,War, i bet after War its the CO2 Bullshit again. Another Thema.


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Can we also expect some discounts for premium engineer squads ? :slight_smile:

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R.i.P Premium Squads are forgotten, so Sad. No no Discount… But Rework of them.

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ofc also some rework, but 50 % discounts why not :grin:

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Because then, they are not worth what they are now. Rework because of Premium Squads.

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Yes, only historical customization please.

@1942786 Please can the next update fix Berlin train level, it is jerking and shaking, the whole train, it is definitely server related.

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I honestly don’t know where half of you are getting “character/weapon customization” from this hint. I think it’s incredibly obvious that he means that hammers (normal ones) are coming to all campaigns now, as previously promised. That would be my guess due to this unique hammer being available for ALL campaigns and not just Tunisia.

Hammers are already in all campaigns. Do you mean shovels?

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