Engineer squads no XP

At the very least in the Battle of Tunisia, my Engineer squads are earning none of the score that they should be. I’m getting 0 points scored after every match, only getting the base minimum squad XP per game, despite building multiple points, getting kills, and so forth. Is anyone else having this problem?

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if you play on console i think there is a bug that dont let you eran XP, but idk i play on PC.

On PC, not console.

Can you post a screen shot or 2, ive just started, to take them myself,(well been just taking end game SS of scoreboards), but have started taking them, by hovering over the engineers and SS that as well where it says, what the engie did etc, to see what’s going, to see if this correct, or not, and hopefully, someone can look over them.
To work out, if we are getting them or not

Was a test to see etc, + our team, was having no issues, so i tried it out etc.

So i only used 2 units

1st engie scores

2nd engie scores

this was the game before i started doing the engie scores thing.

So iam in game, and game giving me +5, +15 etc, like a cash register, after they were built and, so is the +5 for the sandbags, +15 for the resupply of ammo?, how does this work?, where is it reflected etc

Now i only defended, so my 6 kills(bots got 4, engie 1 kill each) where in defence, and maybe a headshot, i don’t recall, just saying, what a 100 a death? less?, hence my 613 score? idk, just asking

And i do have have premium, and i also had 100% xp boost thing from daily i think, had x2 this was last.