Engineer’s Day

On the 4th of March 1968, more than 50 professions related to science and technology gathered in Paris under the auspices of UNESCO to found the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO). Today it represents more than 30 million engineers from 100 participating countries.

The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is celebrated every 4 March — as we in Enlisted also honor members of this essential profession.

This year we will add a little variety to your combat experience and bring back the event format with a wide range of challenges. The rewards of this event are definitely worth your effort!

From March 2nd (13:00 UTC) until March 8th (13:00 UTC), complete tasks and win valuable rewards one by one!



Event tasks are completed one after another and will change every two days. Tasks that are not completed will not be counted.

March 2nd-4th

  • Collect 30 engineer points
  • Kill 50 enemies playing as an engineer
  • Achieve 2 victories in battles

March 4th-6th

  • Your ammunition box was used 10 times
  • Kill 30 enemies with headshots
  • Achieve 3 victories in battles

March 6th-8th

  • Destroy 2 enemy tanks using engineer building
  • Perform a 10-kill streak with a single soldier without dying
  • Achieve 4 victories in battles

Nice one. Easy to do and I personaly like the rewards. Keep them coming.


Like the new event format!




Help. where is it?


like the tasks and time to finish them, rewards are meh…

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The task of “destroying tanks with engineering buildings” seems to be the most difficult and challenging…
The anti-tank guns of the engineers are very poor.

pretty good :slight_smile: can you give us some discounts on engineer premium squads too ?

Go to pacific/tunisia


nice idea. :grinning:

A nice little event
The only issue I have is with this:

I can see a bunch of players building hundreads of ammo boxes next to mine so they can get the ammo box points

Also, does this mean we won’t see the devblog untill march 8th?
You said it will come soon

the devs are discussing the feedback we’ve gathered under the first devblog and my recent thread. Until we have a decision, we cannot talk about future plans.

I’m waiting for a decision. :slight_smile:


Shovel skins next time too.


Will there be boltie skin at some point?

Will Event Pistols ever make a return?

I’d assume they’d show in the next wave of twitch drops, we haven’t seen any in a while

Great, don’t rush things!


Really? Already a new event? Jesus fucking Christ space them out a bit will you? We got nothing for months and then we get 2 events back to back.

Hey @1942786, first off, I love the event!

The only thing I suggest changing with your guys’ events like this is that you make it automatically accept the rewards when a challenge is completed, rather than having to remember to go into the page to grab them. This is especially painful for those that completed the challenge right before they jumped off for the night and forgot to claim rewards, then the game screwed them out of the rewards by flipping to the next day. A couple of my buddies lost out on rewards on the last event because of it. I myself almost lost out on getting the tank because I forgot twice.

Please add auto-collection of rewards upon challenge completion!!!

Nice rewards! And I like the tasks, not difficult, not easy but entertaining.

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