Engineer class missing AA & MG NEST

Engineer class is missing MG Nest & AA Gun. Please see photo.

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Did you do the upgrade for those buildings? And which squad are you using?

Only engineers squad can build AA, AT and mg

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Like @ ac250v said - only the engineers in the actual engineer squad can build them.

The ones in rifle, assault, LMG, etc squads cannot. They used to be able to but the MG nest spam was pretty bad!!

In practise you cant build them. It was like that from release of that practise map. I dont know if it even bug or they just forgot implement it.

I remember that I can build AT in practice mode :thinking:

Bots building in practice mode. Image courtesy of @47094123.

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I guess MG is engineer 2 only, which he probably not unlocked yet, as then this question would not arise at all after all those hours of gameplay… Or are there campaigns where it is available to first engineer squad as well?

HMMM :face_with_monocle: how did you do that ? OK maybe it was possible but it must be super early :sweat_smile:

I don’t understand your question… Yesterday it was working.

Works fine with an engineer squad for me in practice field just now:

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HMMMMMMMMM then i dont know, after all maybe this was only my issue

which level the mg-nest will be unlocked?

cause I have pioneer II and i cant build it.

Did you unlock it in Squad upgrades?