Elbe Day

On April 25th, 1945, not far from the German town of Torgau, the U.S. and Soviet armies closed the front on Berlin. It was on the Elbe River when the Allies shook hands to symbolize the efforts of different nations to reach a common peace for all.

From April 25th to April 29th (13:00 UTC) complete Event tasks in all campaigns and get rewards!

2 wins — a Silver order for weapons

Can be awarded once per day.

5 battles — a Silver order for a soldier

Can be awarded once per day.

300% Booster for 2 Battles

Awarded after completing the first five tasks in the event.

  • Some rewards in this event can be awarded more than once. Complete the task during the day before 13:00 UTC. Tasks not completed by the end are lost.
  • Event rewards tasks can be completed at the same time.

How do you like the idea of ​​regular (everyday) rewards in events?


I’d like to have some more variety, more than just bronze and silver orders, now that appearance orders are in demand I’d to see them as rewards too, and if you guys are ambitious, maybe some very hard event challenge that rewards a gold order


Can’t complain. However I really don’t care about silver and bronze cards. A gold card or some cool skin would at least be unique.

PS I was hoping for Reichstag Assault event (April 28) with the Reichstag ingame open for close quarters fighting and charge to the top to raise the flag.


i prefer 50%off


At least Developers write something. Thought they are Dead or Something.

Gold Orders or Skins are Hot.

1-2 Silvers are Worrhless, Words from Developers or News are more Worth.


We are already starting to prepare big news for you.


Just write Anything, post Pictures from Studio, from your Works…
We are Fishes we need the Bait.

More Worth then 2-10 Silvers Orders are Only Customizing-Orders they are expensive like a good Roastbeef.
Damn 1 Coat or 1 Jacket are 4-6 Silver Orders


Events like these should happen more often, just to remind some historical events. Event like this are nice and fun.


Finally a reward which is it worth to get.


4 300 xp booster are not bad even a bad battle are 40K free xp



Cant buy it because I bought some squads at full price before.
Pretty jealous of those who can buy it.

(Though only at this price, those pretty weaker gold squads are worth it, especially for new players)


Its just stupid we cant get that bundle if we own even one squad


Regarding your question @1942786 i like the idea of everyday rewards in events.

Also im a fan of more appealing rewards in events such as gold orders or special squads/vehicles
otherwise i have no need to play the game because of such event

few more silver orders may help, though you should sort out stalingrad silver order rewarding in regular battles in the first place, its a pain to receive silvers there

i like reminding of special moments in the WW2 itself and celebrating them with something special such as event but honestly ? im really looking forward to discounts on some premium squads since you might have noticed my and other opinions on their current prices

To be fair all of these are already overshadowed from free stuff (or from the event stuff) i think they probably try to sell them in the most appealing way because no one buy it, and i like it, if some new player want make the grind easy for him at the start this is the best way :+1:


Hey. We’ll fix it soon! Thank you!


Hi, the Mortar shell is bugged on ps5 Tunisia, can this please be fixed? It is firing to the right, not out of barrel.

I very much hope that this will be finally about 1 year anniversary of OBT.

Do you remember this post from 12th April, because I remeber and I’m still waiting for this “bang”:

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It will be in November.

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games bday is in novernmeber where we had an event