Do you guys think explosion packs should be nerfed? Anti-infantry use of it

Should we nerf explosion pack anti infantry capabilities? Because right now it feels like theres no really good reason to use regular grenades when the godly explosion pack can kill tanks, and infantry better. Whats the point of other grenades then if every soldier class can have them. Maybe restrict them to bombers and engineers? Or reduce the anti infantry capabilities


Regular grenades have bigger area of effect and you can throw them at longer distances.

And no, detpacks should not be restricted. They are a basic counter to tanks and kinda imitate how dangerous is infantry when it can get close to the tank (irl soldiers would have many other ways to disable such tank, ingame we have our detpacks.)


As long as it’s not nerfed vs tanks I don’t mind. I keep some regular grenades simply because you can “yeet” them farther.


this is hard no for me i like having explosin packs to kill tanks if u take away the det packs then how would you kill tanks


Yea good point. It should remain for everyone but at least anti infantry capabilities should be nerfed. Theres little reason to use regular grenades instead.

one way is shooting thru for example the driver viewport of German tanks

Nerf det pacs buff AT weapons

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Imo, tnt packs are way too overpowered for what they are.

We currently just simple abuse the fact that every type of soldier can have one or multiple with a grenade bag. Spoiling the tank VS tank fights where a single pack a meter away can blow any tank in the game right now. How stupid this is lol.

Imo. :

Tnt packs shall be placed on the tank armor, like glued into it, and not thrown just because.
Tnt packs shall be only avaiable to engineers and bombers.

and other anti tank handheld weapons like H3, sticky bomb etc shall be introduced to normal troopers.

Hand grenades, shall be the only type of anti personnel grenades a trooper can carry, making bombers and engineers a must have in all squads if we want to counter tanks.

Right now, there is not a single reason to use a grenade over a tnt pack. Where both have Prety much the same anti personnel capability and a tnt pack it’s perfect against tanks.

If there wasn’t such a poor choice of tanks per campaign, regarding pen capability vs enemy armor values, tanks could be the main option to destroy other tanks, then, bazooka, panzerfausts etc.

We, as community don’t want a nerf on the tnt packs, simply because they are effective, cheap, and every soldier can carry one.

If we would ask for such history details so many are praying for, the tnt pack would be removed from normal soldiers. But anyway, it’s more important a Mkb42 in Moscow over this…

Just to add, it’s beyond stupidity a tnt pack be able to destroy a tank landing a meter or so away from it… But, we don’t complain about it. We got used to how broken it is and easy it is to destroy a tank in 5 seconds.

Not even fun for the reciving end. But who cares. It’s another tank down and more xp right…

Most weapons, and gadgets need a serious lock to a specific type of soldier only. Making squads a consideration to be picked.
and not a let’s fill everyone with fg42s, tnt packs an engineer type of game.

Tnt packs, need to be locked to a type of soldier or in my proposal, engineer and bomber soldiers.
Got your bomber squad-hunt tanks.
Got a bomber or a eng alive with a tnt pack? You can have a fair chance to down an enemy tank.
You play as a trooper, radio man assaulter etc etc. Pick either grenades or smokes. (and hopefully other types of grenades one day).

Imo, this should be the way since day one.


Detpack with throwing perk are way too easy and go way too far… simple as that…

AT rifle are effectiv at around 20-30 maybe 50meter if you have a perfect sport and you need 2-3 shot to break enough of the tank to make the crew get out to repair…

one detpack with throw perk = any tank 50meter away will die

i find that its pure RNG for its Accuracy, an rather disappointed

Probably their throwing range is a bit too much especially with extra throwing range perk. Seems a bit unrealistic, as i imagine they’re much heavier then gremades. Otherwise they’re ok. How else could infantry effectively counter tanks?

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with AT rifles or other types of actual AT weapons


For explosion packs.

Usually if you stand still, crouch or use the bipod its accuratye enough for the size of your target.

your nto aiming at people but entire engines or ammo racks

problem with sticky bombs is unless they are stuck to thin armor or a vent or something they wont do much beyond blow the tracks or the barrel or something

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To OP, so are you complaining, as you get killed by packs, all the time?

Really wish DF would just wipe everything and restart, all perks, all weapons, and give every one a stick,
but people would still find ways to whinge about that too, yes I’ve said this before,

Again just because you have a difficulty, playing against them, doesn’t mean everyone else dose, and everything should be nerfed.
A det pack too close to tank, who’s fault is that really, and what, you all in a crowded room, and boom, you die, sorry i used a det pack to kill you you etc,

There both the same price? maybe if you wanted more to use grenades, make one cheaper than the other.

Where i can, i usually carry one of each, a gren first, then with a det pack, grenade pouch/bag, AT dudes have been upgraded to two det packs atm.

i play as defence, try set up points, to hold of enemy, with a engineer in every squad, always a sandbag present, you know, you can survive one det pack, if you behind the sandbag right, infantry wise, then start running, when sandbag disappears.

But if my team is getting owned by a tank, and no one is dealing with the tank, you want me to run at it with grenades, instead of a det pack, or pray that the dude, who’s been deemed the only person allowed to carry one(det pack), isn’t dead already, when the tank comes etc.

Also at one metre, i am not getting instant splat, with a det pack, against the tank, i find its got to be as close as possible to tracks, or under it, if tank is moving, or moves forward a metre is not doing much damage, and hence the second det pack is very useful, with a grenade pouch, wonder if a bigger grenade pouch would be more useful, lol

PS apparently, u can throw them back, not that i have ever tried this, lol


You completely missed the point
Det packs are fine against tanks the only thing is that theyre too good against infantry. Meaning theres no reason to use a regular grenade when you have a nade that can do everything.

Again against tanks its fine against infantry - no

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I mostly aim on top of the tank, trying to land it behind the turret and engine vents, so far it was more reliable than trying to throw it under tank but it is still a gamble as it can still sometimes result in 0 damage or it bounces and rolls down next to the tank and again does nothing but if the tank doesn’t blow up it at least set it on fire mostly. But when the crew have time and comfort to extinguish fire it is not that helpful so those are usually gray zone campers and my squad is usually thin when I reach it and blowing a tank with tnt is often one-way trip. So far the worst to take out is grant and panther, sometimes jumbo needs more tnt.

We talked about this before - the main issue with det packs is that they make other options in the game, irrelevant. AT squads, unless they have panzerfaust/bazooka are pretty much useless. You can use them for fun but they are not effective when using AT rifles.

As @98547181 said - they should function as satchel charge in HIL - you have to attach it to the tank, not just throw it somewhere. Regular infantry should have access to AT grenades, which are much heavier than AP grenades and don’t outright kill a tank. Braking a track, on heavy tank, with AT rifle and setting a satchel with AT squad, would be a viable tactics. Instead of spending half of ammunition to set it on fire and then some friendly with a single stick just steals your kill.


Agreed,never seen anybody used smoke grenade in any matches i’ve played