Disconnect due to inactivity, but i am still active

I got kicked from the game due to inactivity, but i am was still in action with the tank III J and had a duell with a tank. This happened now for 3 times always in the first mission after login into the game. And I loose 2 times a 200 % Booster for XP because of the kick out. This happened not before the Stalingrad update.

Console or pc

I have had this happen 4 or 5 times yesterday on PC.

I play on PC.

This is not a new bug report, there are serveral topics on this bug already.

We’re you in a tank

it happened to me several times, each time I was in an airplane.

Weird I have not had it happen yet but have seen posts about it on tanks and such

Only happened to me once inside a plane in early obt, my brother had it multiple times playing with tanks.makes no sence to be kicked without a waring what so ever.

There actually is a warning before the kicking.
Eventhough I am flying and bombing and multi-killing, the warning says I am not doing anything and need to start soon or get kicked.
I continue gaming but get kicked anyway.