"Dig Here" Order for AI

Since the release of the pacific campaign, I have noticed more and more the importance of digging out your own trenches. However, it can be pretty slow when it is only yourself, and unlike engineer structures, trench holes don’t provide passive XP and just puts you behind for doing something good for the team.

My recommendation would be to allow a Dig Order for AI to speed up this process, so that for every instance of the order would queue the next soldier who has a shovel equipped to go to the location and dig around 8 times or until they run into an obstacle they can’t dig through.

Just keeping it short and sweet, but this would also help in various other campaigns as well.


We should be able do dig not only hole, but to use the shovel to build pre defined trench.


i’m still waiting for this:


i’m getting a bit tired of waiting…

even though, i have only submitted this one few months before the update.

so idk.

but i agree. we need some sort of dig orders to give to bots.


Oh yeah, I very rarely see anyone digging, though if a bot has a weapon with a bayonet, I like to give them a shovel.
Automating it would let us see a lot more diggers in game.


Would really love to see this, making bots more than just an extra Life.


That is quite a detailed post, and would likely work better than my dig suggestion lol Perfect time to bump your post for sure. good job on the details.

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