Detailed airplane info just like in War Thunder

Uhhhhhhhhhhh can we have something like this for airplanes ?


Also …i have question, why does my airplane stall after about 10 to 15 minutes of flight …even if i dont end up crashing or my plane having no damage at all …at some point my engine just begins stalling and the airplane keeps loosing altitude until it cant climb up no more.

Can anyone explain a noob like myself why that is ?

i am guessing you are using engine at 110%? that causes damage to engine. also iirc you have all those data on pilot console (just idk if it is updated real time).

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Ohh yeah im having that thing at 110% no matter what, i guess that seems to mess up the engine

I only decrease speed lets say if i want to slow down when i dogfight

Yeah i think its updated, i just …dont pay attention to it
Thanks for the answer tho btw you from croatia ?

Your engine isn’t stalling? Wtf

i main normandy allies since i enjoy that portion of the game the most and I can tell you from experience that with exception to the P-38G/J the rest of the U.S. aircraft have to stay to 95% or lower on the throttle to avoid overheating. The annoying part is the dials in the cockpit don’t really indicate overheating in any way as it happens. The only clue you will get is the RPM starts to flicker/waver around instead of being steady and from that point it is a countdown of an unknown amount of time until the engine is cooked. Meanwhile on the german side all of their aircraft can run at 110% throttle all day long without issue because thats fair or something according to df

Look for the temperature guage, it goes up slowly if left over 110%

Yeah actually i noticed this never happens with german airplanes, only russian and american ones …interesting

I tried to do a bit of testing and it seems like airplane doesn’t like when i push it to the max a lot …damn it just feels a bit too slow xD

doesn’t seem that way to me because i have checked many times and its still within the normal temp range when the engine is losing power

Well P-38 for example, don’t let it get over 100° C

if you had read my comment you would have seen right away

"with exception to the P-38G/J "

its the only american aircraft in normandy that never overheats no matter how much you abuse the throttle.

Keep an eye on oil and water temperature gages.

if you release the throtle after weap for a certain period of time they will cool down.