Deserter update is dumb due to massive amounts of cheaters

The deserter punishment update is stupid, plain, and simple. There are still massive amounts of cheaters and it seems every other match there is one on the enemy team making the game not fun and not worth wasting time playing, thus deserting the match to get a better/fair match. Yet despite this deserters are getting even bigger punishments than losing out on a lot of EXP and getting a loss on their record, they are getting MORE punishments, how does that make sense?

I’d say just create a skill-based matchmaking system and let cheaters go at each other and leave normal, fair players alone. Nerf the flamethrower by reducing its distance and the ability for it to shoot through walls and cause player-controlled soldiers to NOT flail their arms around when hit by the flamethrower. Also, reduce the range of white phosphorous grenades as they already deal massive amounts of damage and make it actually damage vehicles as it says on the tin.

Planes also need a massive fix, I have experienced multiple times suddenly being shot down by an invisible plane with silent rounds that instantly take out a wing. Planes also need spawn protection just like soldiers on the ground. The battlefield reduction needs to be halved so enemy tanks can’t camp just outside the play area and snipe with their machineguns, they also need to be nerfed by giving bullet drop physics like every other gun, and be vulnerable to anti-tank weapons and grenades.

Why Gaigen is wasting time and resources for non-issues I have no idea but they need to shape up, as I see it they are losing money by letting cheaters buy $90 cheat menus that bypass the anti-cheat system like an adult pro basketball player playing in college leagues. Why someone would pay $90 to cheat on a free-to-play game, I will never know but it sucks the fun out of it and I’m at my limit with the amount of BS I see on the daily, so much so that I’m willing to buy these cheats just to even the playing field.

Please devs, do something about these issues FAST, or the last thing you will have to worry about is the shade of the grass being slightly too dark.


skill issue


If this is like this then i probably i’ve playing a whole different game so far (like a year or so). I literally don’t remember seeing a single modder since i start playing.
I do remember one post about a modder here in the forum and i think it was legit, but that’s the only one i seen so far. Maybe im just too lucky.

Speaking of luck, today i was playing in pacific and made a buch of really luck shots, i thought that if someone see the replay it’s gonna think that im using something. But the trut is that this kind of things happen a lot plus the bots sometimes are like Terminator.
There are modders for sure, but not that much.

sorry for my english btw.

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I agree. I work from home and sometimes I can’t just stay in the game. I have to screw my team over by staying AFK when someone else can take my spot

skill issue, Eye position problem

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Please use this topic to leave Feedback.

Also, If you think someone is cheating, use in Game Report system. I wont really help If you Just rant around becuase of cheaters on the Forum.

1.1.13 Discuss usage of cheats, exploits, hacks, illegal Enlisted Gold farming or any related topic.


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