Defending/destroying point should cont for the "capture 1 point task"

If you want to complete the “capture one point task”, you often have to leave many games before you get a map where you can capture.

Would be nice if holding a point (being in capture range when enemys attack it) also can fulfill this task.

The same applies for destuction maps. If you defend or attack the destruction point. Or planting itself could count as capture.

you actually get a capture as defender if you are in the point when the attackers cap it.

dont know if its intended or not but it works

does it also count for the battlepass task?

yeah it does.

its just sometimes difficult to pull off

This task should be replaced long ago, even if i can be bugged out on defense, it still requires competent enemy team that actaully manages to cap a point.
10/10 recomenned skipping unless you want to desert 5 battles, if you change last side task when no main one is left, you get easy main one again.