Dedicated to everyone who flies by Ju 188 (meme)

(three characters are taken from a comedy TV show “Calambur, Steep Dive”)


nice meme , btw your name in the middle will be the first thing ill remove once sharing :smiley:

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Hunting P-51 and p-47 with the ju 188 is the most satisfying thing to do in the game


always loveed it, will definitely never stop loving it now, even before the update it was one of the best planes if you were good at bomb placement, ill always remember being one of the dozen ju 188 pilots in the whole game, getting 17 kills a run then getting gunned down by a p38 two seconds later.

us axis players have to find entertainment in the little things nowadays. true chad.

Look at this

All of these were aircraft kills with ju 188 lol, well aside from one tank kill

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Well its the only dam plan that works right. Gun wise… Now try that with a 109 or FW and how many times you had to reload killing each one lol Altough you died 10 times I dont die using um for the most part lol

I loved the fact only way to kill enemy plans back then was to bomb um! I am still doing it even with gunners >:)

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