Darn bombing runs

Devs could we please have a couple of maps in Normandy without those blasted planes bombing the hell out of every objective. All my games today have been the same, you cant concentrate on any strategy, plan anything because you just get blasted to bits every time you get where you are supposed to be!!! Im pretty sure you will find, that in war history, air cover wasnt always there. I know some of the guys enjoy flying those planes/bombers but surely just a couple of maps free of them wouldnt be too much to ask for :thinking:

Normandy was shit, is shit, and always will be.

Sometimes I think that devs did everything to make players stop playing it.

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What strat?

All you need is to disregard death count and press w.


Just been in Moscow, same thing, blown to bits by planes! It`s like this game is all about the planes and nothing to do with infantry :cry:

JU 188 goes Brrrrrr in Normandy
IL-2 goes Brrrrr in Moscow

Build AA and profit! No more aircraft…

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IL-2 long distance rocket snipe at AA XD

Works sometimes

… most of the time, because the AA is more occupied with mowing down infantry

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Ju 188 has zero forward guns, you can shoot it down for free with any of allied airplanes. You can build 20mm flaks and use them to knock it down (it’s intended purpose, you know). Hell, its got all glass cockpit to the front, so just shooting guns at it might end up killing the pilot. All US tanks come with AA capable .50cals too …

Unless you play at some uber wehrmahtboo times, normandy is pretty easy

No, it’s just that campaigns are different. Normandy is a more explosive campaign. I am completely fine with it, Normandy was a very explosive battle in real life.

Literally every campaign can get a team of hapless players that refuse to play the objective. Normandy tends to get mega stacked by wehrmaht weebs at some hours, then it’s basically unplayable. But the maps are fine, you just have to be proactive and build good rallies and be on the objective yourself. Also, if you camp too long the germans will have time to spread out and create massive killbox that is almost impossible to dislodge

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@98547181 as him says, use less the brain and press W in this game more body are in circle and more you win, the rest spam explosive

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I totally get the AA gun point of view, but my game is to use infantry tactics against the enemy infantry. I dont want to spend my game having to build big guns just to take out these bloody frustrating planes that relentlessly bomb the crap out of you every time you make it to the obj :sob: If I have to do that, every time I play, then the game is all about planes not infantry warfare :grimacing: I mean if the devs halved the amount of bombing runs on the obj it would make the game more fun for all Im sure.

yeah, but AA’s that do their job are quite rare, and anyone countering Bombers for that matter. So the JU188 being without real defensive capability is not a big issue

God, I hate you people.