Dark Shadows and FPS

Hi everyone. A couple of technical problem.

First, since the beginning of my experience with Enlisted, I notice a very annoying shadow bug. Shadows suddenly get a lot darker than normal, it becomes impossible to see enemies in shadows.

Second, in these days I’m having FPS problems, they can’t reach a green DirectX level: could it be because of a HP app named “OMEN Gaming Hub”? I tried its game optimization tool. I disabled it today, but I see no change.


i dont remember how omen is with bloatware, but iirc most of the big name system integrators are shit with it. your omen gaming hub and 20 other similar applications are probably overriding default settings.

btw this looks like you are having problem with some HDR setting. anyway good luck with this, cause this could be solved with a click on some ingame settings, or you will have to spend hours to search your bloatware for option to remove this. my advice is to remove anything with OMEN and HP from your computer and then try default drivers.