Daily rewards

We are happy to present a new game mechanic to reward those Enlisted commanders who play regularly.

Daily rewards will be given out every day at the time you first login. They will range from experience boosters to bronze, silver and even golden logistics orders for troops, weapons and vehicles!

Experience boosters are activated immediately and logistics orders are attached to one of the battle tasks of the day. So, finish that particular task to pick up the reward.

Every fifth daily login the player may receive an improved reward, and every fifteenth, a golden order for troops, weapons and vehicles!


If you miss logging into the game on a particular day, it does not necessarily mean you will lose all your progress!

A missed day will set your progress back by only one day. Two missed days in a row will set your progress back to the last improved reward that you obtained. Only if you miss three or more days in a row will your reward progress reset to day 1.

Improved rewards that have already been obtained can not be received again if you fail to login on some days and your progress is set back/reset.


Currently you can receive:

  • XP booster, 50%-300%
  • Bronze orders for troops and weapons
  • Silver orders for troops and weapons
  • Golden orders for troops, weapons, and vehicles!

Naturally, we will keep improving the reward tree over time and will be glad to see you obtaining your Enlisted rewards every day!


Is the gold order on the 15th login guaranteed or is it just a small chance?

One question, what will happen with said reward attached to daily task if player decides to change it for something else (task in particular), will that make this reward disappear?

I’m asking about it since there are some troublesome tasks to complete like “kill 30 enemies using flamethrower” or when I get tasks requiring me to play “Lone Fighters” mode I always change them as I don’t like this mode and never touch it (again).

Brilliant, great addition to keep players loggin in.

The reward is kept (I tried that).

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Good to know, thx

She will stay on updated task.

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From what I’ve seen, it should be a slight chance %. Same way some “boxes” MIGHT contain silver orders :thinking:

Imagine receiving a gold order for free every 15 days, there would be no need to buy last bp things with gold… (the dream)

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That would be very nice to get a gold every 15 days. :slight_smile:
Keofox did drop in the “MAY receive” word so I’m guessing it will be a game of chance on the 15

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I work travelling and I am unable to log in every day. I usually stay 3 to 5 days away from home.

Please don`t reset stuff to day one. Make it stay where you logged in last time.

It is working the same way in War Thunder so I would say no chance for Enlisted to be any different. In WT I’ve had over 120 days of logging every day and had to leave for 4 days, after that had to start from day 1 again (well, not a first time for me).

If it’s going be like in War Thunder with chance to receive premium vehicle then getting that “gold order” is almost nonexistent chance for like 99% of players.

I personally first started to play WT in early 2013, since introduction of boxes for daily login I’ve been doing that for years with some breaks for few months (still logging up to this day), and I never got (for years) premium vehicle from daily loggins, not expecting any different with gold orders in Enlisted.


Been looking forward to a feature like this. Really hoping this could further improve player retention. Good call

We need an entrance of this system in game’s main page. So that we can check the progression of it.

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i have reached level 24 on moscow axis and 26 for normandy axis, but why i still don’t get the exp booster for tunisia campaign?

When did it happen? boosters were given out on the day the update was released.

Hi, I like this new feature, by the way, it looks like mine is stuck at the second reward. I logged in for 4 days in a row and then received the second one for 3 times.

Oh I just re-checked the image you’ve uploaded on this post and maybe the next reward is shown to the second box probably that’s why I was confused.

this update is great especially for getting silver orders. but my suggestion for an improvement in the order category is to be able to merge bronze orders into silver orders just like the academy example trade in 5 bronze orders for 1 silver order and add a waiting time of like 30 mins or a hour. this would make getting silver orders a bit easier and i think a big part of the community would really like to see this addition

As far as a devlog they posted a few weeks or so ago, accademy will be removed on a upcoming update. Hopefully soon.