Daily log-in XP booser disappeared

Context: got a 50% XP booster for ~15-17h, started tuning my squads in various campaigns, checked available lone fighter custom game lobbies (all were mad mix of all factions as usual), bought an assaulter II in Stalingrad, and somewhere along the way the booster just disappeared from the “Start” icon.

Restarted the game, an update message popped up (version with changes to Stalingrad MG stamina) - maybe that was the reason for the bug?

Maybe only the “+50%” text disappeared but the booster itself would have been applied, but didn’t test.
So yeah, uncool.

It happend to me as well on several occasions. I would log in at noon, get a XP booster and log out without playing. Several hours later when logging in to play with some friends in the evening, the XP booster is gone even though i was still in the 18h that the booster had and i didn’t play any matches during that time.

same thing just happened with me just now and previously with a 50% XP booster. when i get home from work i boot up my games that have daily rewards and the like. this was an hour and a half ago. just booted Enlisted up again- again this is just 90 minutes later after one exit. the booster is gone.

Same thing happened to me , I logged into the game , got the 50% booster , logged in after 3 hours at 5:00 AM I had 15 hours left ,decided I would go to sleep , the next day I logged in at 2:00PM and the boost was just gone .
Its the second time this happens to me .