Custom lobby music

i want to put my own music to play in lobby… please, im getting tired of this same one over and over again


Or music theme depending on the side chosen

etc …


we have that in war thunder and it’d still be better to be able to put my own music

polyushka sounds really poggers tho

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War Thunder Soundtrack: Legacy Menu Music 2 - YouTube?
War Thunder Soundtrack: Soviet Union Menu Music - YouTube
If only Enlisted would have as cool ost as old WT, too bad they removed it and replaced with inferior music


Nice idea, I would love to put this as my lobby music.

Or this

I think it would just be neat if they made a variety of lobby music for each nation, if you want to have custom music; might as well play it from a browser…

However, I think it would be neat if we could unlock “victory tunes” (either in a shop for 100-500 gold, through game progress, and/or as event rewards) that would play for the winning team after a match. If multiple players were to have victory tunes set, it would choose the one from the top-scoring player. There could also be a setting for players to opt-out from hearing them.
Inspiration came from the videogame “ShellShock Live”.

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I’d love this for Berlin axis:

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For the love of god, not Erika again.


dude this is just grim, not only do you limit the variety of possible lobby musics with this idea but also make players grind for it

The second suggestion was not for main menu music; what I was suggesting there was “victory tunes” that would play for your whole team at the end of a match.

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