Current Game Status ( Balancing issue and Stalingrad earning issue)

This is what my recent games in all 5 campaigns have shown:
Axis though performing a bit better than last major update, but still unmatched to Soviet.
main factors: No automatic rifle for axis; Tanks being inferior comparing to t50 and t28e; the progression line is lack of interesting/powerful weapons for the first 20 levels.
Sort of unambiguous to say. Axis having perfect weapons and tanks in maxed out situation, but many of these players seem to be obsessed with easy kills and never defend the point. Allies are fine with low-mid level matches but might loss more in end game rights due to m2 is not as all rounded as fg42, and also the issue of P38 occupying the important plane slots.
Big playerbase issue.
For most of the times in day(Beijing time) Soviet just farm bots. While in night time Soviet force can’t win in end game fights.
Factors: too hard to level up for low level axis players, thus little new players; though avt is good, fg422 is simply Lazer gun with ability to one tap.
After all ,the balance is bad at all. The current situation where Soviet farm bots and end game Axis farm Soviet is not balance(though on the general data it might be like this). True balance should be similar win rate for both end game/early game Soviet and Axis.
(I am speaking here with extreme objectivity even though I bought 2 ppd squads during the discount to farm silver orders)
Balance is nearly ok for the moment, but still allies taking a bit more advantages. In end game fights axis players will find beaufighter extremely dangerous(the current kill efficiencies for rockets is far more higher than bombs). Btw, there is also player base issue with Axis (not as much as Berlin though).
I don’t even want to address the old issues, such as Ai path findings ,mkbs with extremely good accuracy value (0.18 almost equal to bolt action), etc.
I am only saying in situation of defense, people will lose the efficiency to earn silver orders. The map encourages people to snipe which would definitely make kpm lower.
Some data gathered from my friends proving this(I am not going to calculate the kpm for campaigns far from maxed out):
(1) id HeinzDanitz
Moscow kpm:5.87
Berlin kpm: 6.9
Tunisia kpm: 5.5 (not counting allies since far from maxed)
Normandy kpm: 6.26
Stalingrad kpm: 4.98
(2)id Hanskaffee__
Moscow kpm: 6.74
Berlin kpm: 9.37
Tunisia kpm: 8.78
Normandy kpm: 7.25
Stalingrad kpm: 6.25
(3)id SaltyGrenadeKing
Moscow kpm: 5.73
Berlin kpm: 6.44
Tunisia kpm: 5.38
Normandy kpm: 6.16
Stalingrad kpm: 5.16
(4)id ReisenJing (generally less end game fights)
Moscow kpm: 4.12
Berlin kpm: 4.8
Tunisia kpm: 4.19
Normandy kpm: 3.40
Stalingrad kpm: 3.86
(5)id shootmeharder
Moscow kpm: 6.42
Berlin kpm: 6.77
Tunisia kpm: 5.37
Normandy kpm: 6.16
Stalingrad kpm: 4.07
(6)id sunzeyuande
Moscow kpm: 5.36 (axis only)
Normandy kpm: 2.86 (axis only)
Berlin kpm: 4.48 (axis only)
Tunisia kpm: null
Stalingrad kpm: 3.54 (axis only)

People are welcome to post their kpm comparison below to see if there is anything wrong with Stalingrad. (please only calculate the kpm in maxed out situation).
The above data is self speaking. Developers @1942786 @88761617 , please find ways to bonus the silver order earning in Stalingrad. The kpm there is relatively low, that’s why people are not so happy with it.

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Tanks aint the issue. I one shot any soviet tank with my Pz IV. It is just an insult to give the red army the PPSH and the Axis the beretta 20 rounds. Aint normal to deploy 3 sniper squads with the MKB sniper rifle in order to have “fun”.

agreed. The recoil of the M2 is a joke. I need to hip fire it or to lay on the floor to be effective. Aint normal. But the new machine gun for the allies is really good. Helped me a lot to push to be honest.

Soviets are dominating here a lot. Not even the FG42 can help here. It is the playerbase not any of the weapons, at any time.

Allies have a lot of toys and it is fun to play. Axis is just a copy and paste. When I play axis in Tunisia, it is just more stressful to win.

The MKB is good, no doubt. But it does not need any nerfs or whatsoever. Stalingrad is the most perfect balanced campaign, according to my winrates. Ok, I would rather have seen the Federov instead of the AVT-40 to encounter the MKB, but still, the AVT-40 is a powerful weapon.