Cowardice or Understandable?

Honestly its kinda both, even with that kind of matchup its understandable you dont want to play a match like this however its a bit cowardice since they never even tried at all, besides its not like the next 5-10 matches are gonna be any different. But the real problem is with the game itself due to the lack of matchmaking and you always being put into matches like these.

personally i wouldnt like to play match like this… you have 7 highly experienced pc players in one team and only 1 experienced pc player (you) in other with 6 console players… totally pointless match.


There’s no “cowardice” or “courage” involved in video games. Those are real life feelings.

There’s only “fun”, or lack thereof.

That match looked absurdly unfun for the allies team which is why ppl left, with good reasons.

Those thinking doing so is “cowardice” makes me laugh, when in truth nobody owes anyone anything, and personal fun is all what should truly matters (it’s a GAME)

I don’t blame deserters. I blame the uneven mm, and faction trends.


i blame that pc players cant turn crossplay off. i blame that game gives shit MM. i blame that game shows pointless ranks.


Personally, I stay in matches regardless of the odds. Still, there are matches where I don’t blame others for just leaving.

As others said, there’s no cowardice in gaming. It’s a game


i really hope they gonna finally make it work well. I mean:

I just don’t play this game as much as I would if I had more even matches


true… i am spending more time on forum than ingame… and that is mostly cause of shitty MM…

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i see 2 event flares and a ttv rat so yes it’s completely understandable especially if the user values keeping their sanity and having fun over completely matches

TBH, I think their bot replacements are probably better at the game than most people who leave games.

They overran us for the first point loosing less than 300 tickets which they replaced, then people started leaving and we started holding onto points at a more reasonable pace, locking them out of the second point for a while and then bleeding them dry through the next two points.

I also don’t quit, but don’t begrudge those who do.

Several times I’ve had a team full of high ranked players and been baffled at how bad they are. I’ve also gone up against similar teams and had most of my team quit, but still won.

But the rank doesn’t mean much. It really should, but it doesn’t.

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neither do i but i decided to stick to it because every match with the Allies would just be the same and just gave up.

thats true, its just those that enjoy a challenge, those that wants to have fun and those who just likes to suffer, lol

bruh match didnt even last 10 minutes, thats says alot, problem is no matchmaking.

These kids have no idea what real war looks like. They are confusing adrenaline without real stress to fear. Fear is when you have to be on kerp watch at northern iraq border for 8 hours and know that any sniper can hit you anytimen from hundreds of caves in mountainous terrain.

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