Constant Tractor Plant is becomming boring

3/4 of the games i play in Stalingrad, is Tractor Plant .
Its so boring, to the point where im regretting i bought the Stalingrad campaign.


how about nice big cup of changing campaign ?


And ignore that i used $30 on it?

pretty much as it doesn’t really have much to do about it.

How come it dosnt??

let me see.

they certainly didn’t forced you to spend 30 euro on it.

which, even if you do. doesn’t grant you some sort of more valid " point " on the matter.

that’s simply not how it works.

matter of fact, you payed to support what you liked and saw from devs.
( or usually that’s why people pay for the SG pass )

which, maps are the least of your worries as we don’t know if the bonuses will get carried over once the matchmaker update will release.

and to end it, i kinda missed this part:

dunno what to tell you. kinda sounds that’s on you.

because if a maps makes you " regreat " to have bought the whole pack.
that’s just odd.

and on the other hand, some people loves the tractor plant.

which, you can either play custom games, or simply leave the tractor map if you don’t like it in the first 5 seconds so a player can replace your place and won’t affect the match overall.

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I have invested money a lot of time in the campaign.
Its not the maps, its that its rare that i get any other maps than this one… and its getting monotonous to play the same map all the time. This is where my issue is. Not the map it self, but that its repetitive.

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and so everyone else.

included me actually :slight_smile:

reason being, stalingrad literally has only 6/7 missions on 2 maps. which further down gets filtered by the mission rotation ( more than a map rotation because… yeah. there are only two )

and the valid complains could be on the map it self ( though, one doesn’t really complain without offering a solution. otherwise would be like talking to the wind )

and the other could be on the rotation map.
which we had in the past, but the rotation it’s still in place despite many people not liking it.

( just one of many threads about it from 2021 )

but in the end, it won’t really matter as with the upcoming second major update, we’ll play more maps outside the campaign tied as it will become more generally open like war thunder.
therefore before then, you either adapt it, or avoid it. after all, there are 6 campaigns

You are acting like you have spent billion.

Btw, i have secret for you, all Stalingrad content will be free in upcoming months. :hugs:

i have wasted exactly 647 batles in stalingrad, counted.
the ones that i left will make it around 1000. its still my one of my fav campaigns. but, 1 or 2 matches a day there are enough.

go play another campaign. more maps will come eventualy. you aint forced to play on same campaign 24/7 and burn yourself up just because, you spended money on it.


Yeah, but ill keep my rank 4 stuff, that non owners/byers will have to grind right? So still a win

  • you can keep premium tanks and receive some gold as compensation.

You wasted 30€ for the:

  • 4x progression
  • always pre maxed purchase
  • and two unique premium squad

There’s is written nothing about let you play on a lot of map for that money, You can always switch campaign if you are bored by tractor plant and stalingrad center


I might have been unclear in my expression, i dont want to play one map more than the other, if i could just get them equally much, then i would be fine.

  • But its tedious when 3/4 (or more) battles are on the same map.