Conquest is missing?

I havebeen playing for awhile now and I am almost about to complete the conqueror achievements But for some reason I can’t find a single game of conquest did it get removed or shutdown? Or is it hard to find that game mode now?

Sorry for putting this in missions that was the closes tag i could find

Do the achievement in custom matchV

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hey guys playing sins day 1 and I get there is bugs but WHY CANT I JUMP CLUMB ITS MAKING ME LOOK DUMB like i really wanna know and my grenades keeps bugging like ill prowl and try flaking but when i try get it through the window but i falls infront of me ?
and Im a pc gamer if it will help

Yoh sorry but i cant get in any and if i do i cant play even if the lobby is full

custom games

Well PC brings all Types of Gamers together i think :smirk:… F2P, Rich Poor Smart Dumb with Skill Without Skill…
Oh that was a Must Be from my Side :rofl:i love You ENLiSTED Community

Nooo cant let him Die Dumb,

Your Thump :+1: is the Aiming Point try it

I miss assault game mode on Berlin ministry garden.

And no assault mode on Stalingrad is sad.

Even tho it was bugged for a long long time (not ending untill everyone was killed) assault was fun as hell.

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I hate Conquest and I’m happy that I don’t see it very often (although it sucks for anyone trying to do that challenge). Too many years of Battlefield burned me out on that mode. It’s a stupid, boring game of ring-a-rosies, and just like in BF, nobody stays to defend the point they just capped.

Always been a very flawed mode.