Closed Beta Testing: “Battle of Berlin” Campaign in Enlisted

So the only feedback you take into account is one that basically agrees with you already, a technical one that still encourages the price wall. Nice:)

We understand your outrage.

But Enlisted actually bundles separate games into one. Each campaign is not a pair of missions, but a mass of completely unique content that other publishers would sell as a standalone game. Completely independent. Huge maps, environmental objects, units, weapons, vehicles and many other things in the Battle of Berlin are completely new.

And all this will be available to you for FREE in the future.

Or you can help us make a good campaign by becoming a test participant.


I want to play!, and I want to pay for it!
but I don’t want to buy both pack, I need only one of them


He has literally just responded to that point


Will the squads be forever exclusive after Berlin Campaign is open to everyone?

I don’t understand, I read your post about stages of CBT, but what of the battle task and orders we earn, will we get these back?

My only feedback so far, some maps a little dark (can’t recall name), obviously some people know there way around already though.

CBT fee bit high, but I don’t mind myself. I still don’t see allied AT, why have Russians got PF?

But loving the map design overall, very nice change, I look forwards to more Berlin stuff, Normandy stuff, Moscow stuff too. Not sure of fav yet…

I mean the best bet for those of us who dont want to pay too much is to play the waiting game.

Where do I go to give feedback on it?
Or do I just make t posts on the main forum?

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*If you can somehow even afford paying almost AAA game price (again) for becoming unpaid tester. That is the point, sadly.
I´m sure that if price was lowered (even if it means bundle will not have gold coins, premium time etc.) into something more appropriate, you would potentialy have a lot more people willing to pay for Berlin.

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no point to go harsh on the developers when its not gonna work.


Will the squads be forever exclusive after Berlin Campaign opened to everyone?

You can here

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That’s why I edited my post a little bit.
I understand the need for monetization, but please look at these prices in a context - while I really like Enlisted and the progress it has made, it’s hard to justify the price of (now) 2 AAA-titles for its access.
It certainly has the content that multiple games (or one with multiple DLCs), but the games that spring in my mind are explicitely not full-price titles.

While I feel cheap to suggest it, please try thinking abount discounts or the like for already existing/loyal testers.
I don’t want to beg for rewards or the like, but as you can see I’m not the only one getting a really bad feeling getting asked to pay so much again.


i’m not a menager.

but locking the majority of your community behind a pay wall, and expect to earn the initial money it’s somewhat of a good idea.

problem is, is it really worthed making double the work?

because only a few elements are going to give feedbacks. and you are going to give so much power to those few elements.

once it will reach free test for everyone, you will have to double work because the few feedbacks did not regrouped everyone’s mind.

that’s the issue. i’m not jelous. but as i’m here since the first alpha, enlisted is what is today with the collaboration of multiple individuals like me and many others, along side some of the devs.

point is, normandy is half polished, and you guys wanna put more works on top?

doesn’t sounds promising to any of us at all.

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T-34 has mongo trouble penning the 120mm turret face of the Panther F so far
Even with BR-365A it should nuke it out to like 500m even at a bit of an angle. According to (((War Thunder))) at least.

I’ll test it more and reply to my post if it turns out I was just being shit, though

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Are you having fun our friendly shill cirno :joy:? Also report the T-34 cant pen the turret thingy.

Love the new campaign so far, think some must have played before, so have advantage til I learn, some maps a little hard to see enemy.

As for weapons, I love the new stuff, I think Russians need own at though, bayonets ooh nice!

Don’t forget you had two premium vehicles Moscow, hope you add some stuff to other campaigns too, vehicles not interested in squads…

Too early for proper feedback but enjoying it so far! :+1:

It’s fun, but that kinda made me scratch my head.

The maps and atmosphere are beautiful though


great another PAY FOR IT or get powercreep after the CBT also the Premium squads are P2W MP40 with 64 round mag and a PPD40 with a 71 round mag