(Client The warning text on the panzerfaust has grammatical mistakes

Hello everyone,

  1. Client version is Problem: The warning text on the panzerfaust has grammatical mistakes.
  • Open the view with the panzerfaust, for example, in the weapon menu if you are already have this weapon or from the campaign menu (level 30).

  • Rotate the panzerfaust so that you can see the red warning text on it (see the screenshot #1 in the point 3 of this post).

  • Reed the text. The text says: “Rohr ist immer mit Pulver geladen auch wenn Geschoßkopf abgenemmen und Flügelhalter herausgezogen!”

  • How it should be (a comma is missing before “auch” and it is “abgenommen”, not “abgenemmen”): “Rohr ist immer mit Pulver geladen**,** auch wenn Geschoßkopf abgenommen und Flügelhalter herausgezogen!” See the screenshot #2 from a museum as proof.

  1. The logs are not necessary for this issue, I think.

Here’s another picture with a red and a green arrow pointing to errors:


THIS was my FAVORIT Thread this Week, and that Part where Cheaters get caught, which First try to blame Consoleros.

Well, it’s really awkward playing Enlisted and using the Panzerfaust knowing that the weapon you’re now holding in your imaginary hands has an erroneous warning placed on it!

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C’mon, there 100 Grammatical Mistakes,

That Game have Really bad Problems. But You have Good Eyes really