Class rebalancing: Trooper and Radio operator

This is quite simple and obvious, some classes in this game have very useless upgrades. Radio operator and trooper.

Its pretty obvious the secondary weapon slot is worthless, so replace them with useful items.

Has ammo box similar to medic box that he can drop

Radio operator:
Binoculars for better spotting of targets


Aint battlefield. Engineers can build ammo crates.

For snipers, ok. I need a second rifle weapon as radio operator as I run out of ammo really quick.


Why are you using the radio operator for battle? Isn’t the best idea to have him/them be at the safest location while you use the rest of the squad to fight? Even then, why not just have an engineer in the squad and make an ammo box?

Mate, I know. I use two engineers and a MG gunner before using directly the radio operator…
And yet sometimes I have only the radio operator left.
Besides, according to your logic:
Why do I need binoculars for my radio operator if we shouldnt use them in first place?

I would prefer …
Radio Operater Artillerie Strike kills, should get to thd whole Team.

Specially in Stalingrad, theres some Guys sit in the Corner and do 1 Bomberstrike after another.
i want Call Bombers and the Noob was first because he sit there and push the Button when its ready nothing else.

So complete Team get Profit from that Camper even the LVL1 Noob would get a 50-20K/D

If you use engineers before the radio, then there should already be an ammo box.

Nobody said you can’t use them, just that it wasn’t a good idea to use them for gunfights. My radio operator also carries a second weapon around but even then I don’t recall ever using it because if I am using him then the other members of the squad are dead, which means I most likely already placed an ammo box with the squad’s engineer.


I dont camp, I move. I place ammo boxes where people need them and sometimes they get destroyed at the frontline due to massive det pack spam. What can I say? Either I camp at one position and get bored or I run out of ammo and use my second weapon. I never trust or rely on my teammates in this case so no, the radio operator needs two slots for weapons and it shouldnt be replaced by binoculars.

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many people sugested binoculars before, including me.

binoculars will be nice for,

radio man

Gaget slot maybe?