Chat Aditional Info

In the chat, you need to know what role the player who writes in the chat is playing. For example:

EgleXR (Assault): Well done!

Also, a way to locate the player’s position through chat.

This solves the problem of knowing who is requesting, for example, the ammunition box, and knowing where it is located to place it near the person who has requested it.



pointless information cause he can die a second later and be just plain riflemen.

also instead of you going to him to build ammo crate, you just need to build ammo crate in cap or close to cap and he can then pick up the ammo.

This is the part that cracks me up.
Who really expect another player to stop what he’s doing to come build an ammo crate at your feet ?!?

" Hey you! Bring me an ammo crate! No , not that one, the heavy one! And since you’re at it, get me a cuppa tea and a ham sandwich."