Change the pz III j with the pz IV F2

seriously tho, the pz III j against a t34 is shit.


Haha haha, it’s funny that even tunisia axis get better tanks than in Moscow



you don’t like to have yet another pz III for the 4th time in a campaign that has only 6 tanks? ( 8 if we consider prems )


a pz IV 75mm against a t50 was still winnable just required more skill, but this, this is another beretta (20 rnd).


Ahh i love the devs, it would be really interesting to see how they come up with this ideas.

I am reminded of that south park episode where the goverment uses a headless chicken to determine taxes. I get the same vibes here.

I mean yes give one side a tank that can kill everyother one while only be reliable killeld by one enemy tanks. This tank can then be killed by every other enemy tank, yes great balance.

No, this is another bf 110 F-2 moment


at least the bf 110 is somewhat usefull, you can have double fighter and spam it.

the beretta is just absolute shit.

meme time:

what if i show you this:


( cool right? and guess what! it’s not a pz III. )

why i’m showing you this?

because apparently it was meant to be used in normandy ( and has been used for material trailers ):

… i’m giving up…


The very fact it’s just a blatant copypaste while the soviets actually get another plane is disgusting to me

yeah i didn’t think about that, you can spam it as long as the bug isn’t fixed but it won’t be long till soviets complain enough in the forums

Or better yet, double bf 110 since the C-7 takes fighter and F-2 takes attacker

I’ve been suggesting the marder for months… or some stug (even time travel ones, at this point, nobody would mind.) But yet another pz3… grossly underpowered vs what it faces at that…



We’ll see how the tank performs in combat. Right now on the paper it looks like a rip off once again for moscow axis.

I would be even happy with the Pz III j1. It has a slightly more powerful 5cm cannon and much better turret traverse.

Do y’all think there’ll be tiger 1 in tunisia ? I’ve heard tunisia was where the tiger 1 debuted

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there are chances

wt says ( and i corrected for enlisted purposes:


  • APCR has poor damage against modules and crew, and low penetration at range
    - Gun lacks penetration at range, is likely to bounce on armour slopes
    - Overall weak armour, can be penetrated by common enemies like T-34, T-50, M3 Lee
    - Turret rotates slowly, fatal if being flanked


Great firepower: high rate of fire, high penetration, and explosive filler
Quite mobile and fast ( jokes on enlisted tanks. all slow )
Excellent -10° gun depression ( imagine using depression on enlisted. especially on moscow beside Quarry )
APCR is great against moving or heavy targets like Matildas ( Apcr in this game kinda suck )
Boxy armour construction is great when angling ( sure… i’m sure someone else will buy it)

much to work with :slight_smile:
i mean, it’s a pz III. turett traverse speed for the win.


It’s iconic. They MUST add it. Just like they MUST add the Churchill for allies.

So yeah. Axis Tunisia got good late game things, unlike Moscow axis…

considering that the first tiger has been tested in 1942, and according to DF logic, yep.

give it 2 to 3 years.

Don’t forget the T-50 turret traverse is way better in enlisted than in WT while the pz lll is the same shit on both games


somehow i bounced a lot of shot of t50 nd t28, i cant figure ou the angulation but its possible.