Can't use Main Menu Interface (

Most of the time after running the game for more than 5-10 minutes I’m unable to use orders to purchase equipment/troops or upgrades, use the exit game button in the drop down menu, or call in artillery strikes mid-game. This has been happening for a few weeks and the only fix is to close and relaunch the game, and even that doesn’t work sometimes. P.S. Apologies if I didn’t select the right tag, I’m not really sure what this would fall under.

Not sure if I get this correctly. You say that when the match is finish, you cant upgrade your soldiers?
If the match ends and you click too fast the exit button, you need to wait a little bit until your profile actualize itself.

Nothing to do with a match finishing, it can happen if I just leave the menu open for a few minutes or it can happen after playing a couple rounds. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a specific trigger which I know will make it a bit harder to solve.

If I rest in the menue for too long without doing something and get back, the game seems to be frozen. Sometimes I need to wait up to 3 minutes until something happens. Is that your problem too?

That may be it but the only issue I’ve noticed is that I can’t use orders or any of the buttons in the drop down menu in the top right, I’m still able to do things like upgrade my squads and claim battle pass rewards.

That on top of the issues with artillery but I don’t really use the radio operators anyway