Cant upgrade tank

While trying to upgrade any tank in the Normandy AXIS campaign, I am left with the final upgrade that shows I am unable to upgrade due to not enough bronze orders or order of upgrades. Yet I have plenty of bronze orders and have upgrade the final point in its upgrade tree. Is this an issue or deliberate game design?


Something like that happened to me some weeks ago. It was just that my “click” did not update well. I reloaded the game and it worked correctly. Hoping it’s just as simple a bug for you too.

Some time the game keep loading in the menu wen i change something after the last update the server are really overstressed, they are mining perhaps :thinking:

I have the exact same problem with my Beaufighter plane and Crusader tank in Tunisian campaign.
Pls see 8 and 9 here: Just some bugs I encountered recently

But something more is wrong here.
Normally after an upgrade, you can only see the remaining available upgrade.
However, as you can see here I have the 5th upgrade, only the 6th remaining, but you can still see a part of the 5th upgrade.
Looks like the game is not sure if I have the 5th already or not…but I do…

And like I posted before, the number of required bronze weapon orders changes constantly. It seems to always go down. Maybe I will get the upgrade when it reaches zero?? (yesterday it said 48 orders, 46, 43…today 38)

I have the max upgrade tree and more bronze weapon orders than required…

1 hour later…38 orders is now 36…

and now 30

Absolutely ridiculous. I still cant upgrade my tank which gives me more vertical and horizontal turning speed. That would be great

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Obviously I agree fully.
I purchased gold to max out the upgrade tree.
I battled much to get enough bronze weapon orders.
And now a bug wont let me make the final upgrade.
I get damaged and killed because of that…
This sucks bigtime.

With every battle I continue to play the required number of orders goes down…
It’s 29 now.

Or at least respond.
Much appreciated.

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This problem has existed now for at least a week and not even a single answer from the devs.
Well thats just great customerservice.

Seriously bro, no response and I’m trying to upgrade my tank!

Yeah I dont get it at all…
They take my money for an upgrade system that doesnt work…and then not listen or respond to problems.
Thats just fucking marvellous.
Why have this forum about bugs anyway??
I know the game is just a beta but if it doesnt work, dont let us play and dont take my money.

Anyway, at least you are reading and responding…so I will give some more info.
Like I wrote before, the number of required bronze weapon orders goes down with every battle I play (and win, not sure about that).
So I have been playing still and now only 15 orders are required.
This is so fucking stupid.
The upgrade is paid with orders, not with played battles.
So maybe I will get the upgrade in a few days, when the counter reaches zero.
I have no idea.
I guess nobody does. :rage:

Just screw this upgrade bug.
Been playing to try to get the number to zero.
Reached 7…
absolutely rediculous and thanks for nothing.

Cant upgrade the Tiger in Normandy. Not even the first upgrade and I have the orders to do it.
Seems to be a BUG for many … Sort it out please DEVs

Dude its so dumb. I’ve tried other upgrades and I cant even upgrade my tanks or my planes. its honestly so frustrating.

SOLVED: this is not a bug.

The number of bronze weapon orders in the screen is not the total required number but the remaining number that you need to get.
I got the remaining number and made the final upgrade without any problem.

Thank you very much for helping @118677465

HOly shit no idea

Yeah I feel pretty stupid now.

same here lol :blush: