Can we keep the Blue tickets for future events?

So a red PPS42 is pretty meaningless to me tbh, so if I don’t spend them on the swords, which are pretty cool, can I keep the blue tickets for future event items? It says you can keep the gold order for future but I didn’t see anything about the blue tickets.

Actually a good question, but my guess is no, you can’t keep them.

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unfortunately that is my assumption too

from what i have heard, i am pretty sure you were able to keep the purple “T” tokens from twicth drops after drops ended, and use them for future drop rewards. so you probably keep these aswell is my guess

hmmm idk if I want to take the risk. I could get 4 cavalry swords which are cool but I’ll never use them. Who knows maybe in future events I might be able to get that Gold PPSH I’ve always dreamed of.

In that case I should have 1 from one of the drops but I haven’t.

looks like cavalry swords it is

there was something about them only appearing when drops are active

but honestly i have no idea whether i am just making shit up or not. if you want a more reliable source you should ask erika or something

you only keep twitch drop orders and event ones disappear


I still have 4 purple Twitch tickets on Berlin Allies and I can still buy the silver Tula Tokarev Korovin pistol, the orders didn’t disappear. I wasn’t able to buy anything else with them, since there wasn’t any Twitch item to buy since then.

I wish I had a screenshot, but I was able to keep the blue tickets from last year and when they came back this year they were treated like a different currency so I had two different options to buy swords with the same blue ticket. This year I don’t know if they will stay.

And when it was, twitch tickets on Berlin Allies on the silver Tula Tokarev pistol? I do not remember such.
Can you provide a screenshot silver Tula Tokarev pistol?

Sorry my mistake, i meant the Tula Korovin (TK 1926) that was given out when Berlin hit open access.

Here you can see that I can buy the current VE Day rewards and the Twitch drop weapon, but the tickets don’t interchange.

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you keep them as long there is something in the logistics to buy something with them.

when they remove said items from the store, you wont see the blue cards, but once another item drops to logistics, you ill be able to see your stock and use them

tbh, i wouldnt risk it eitherway because stuff is always changing, its just a game item in the end of the day, just get something with them now imo, play it safe :stuck_out_tongue: