Can we expect extra troops in premium squads?

Gaijin could add 3 extra troopers in premium squads making them also premium soldiers like in the Battle of Berlin troopers. In the Normandy campaign, the American BAR squad could have troopers with the Winchester model 1895 or the Remmington Model 8 and the German BAR squad the Gehwer 41 because they are very easy wiping out


we had that at one point but shitters complained and got premium squads nerfed into the ground.

You had the original 4 but could add soldiers of the same class and use it as a trainer squad. Kind of like how you can train crews in premium tanks in other games.


would like to upgrade my premium squads.sadly because of free to play balance complains they are forever nerfed to the ground… with diferent trooper classes. not 7 MG guys on an mg squad like we had in the begining, but, exacly as a normal squad right now…


I agree

Premium squad is wasting money in this moment.

That’s why I wrote twice about premium squad issue.

Otherwise we need to use premium squad weapons with normal squads.

Actually normal squads have more power than premium squads.

I got several premium squads but do not use it.

A lot of complainer have being ruined this game.

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Before the nerf premium squads were pure P2W, now they are just way too overpriced, even kinda useful if one wants to level up quickly

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normal squads are insanely powerful compared to premium squads. They aren’t event similar.

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as they should be, otherwise you have a P2W game. They shouldnt be similar to normal squads but worse. Now some of them are too weak, others like the PPSH squad in Berlin as too strong and thus P2W


it should be a on a case by case basis like gunner squads should stay at 4 but the premium rifle squad in moscow should have 9 premium infantry with a backpack slot

Honestly what they should do is add “open” slots to normally equipped soldiers. Perhaps up to 1 of any normally-addable class of soldier other than the premium squad’s own soldier type, and the number of “Open” slots would be on a case-by-case basis. Like the gunner squad could be 5-6 soldiers total, assault squad would be 7, etc. Making them on-par with normal squads in regards to soldier layout, being able to add engineers, bombers, etc.

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MG prem packs should get the ability to add a 5th soldier trooper/sniper/engineer/bomber/radioman
Assaulter squads should get 2 slots 2 trooper ones and 1 engineer/radioman/bomber/sniper one
Engineer squads should get 2 slots 2 trooper ones and 1 radioman/bomber/sniper (no assaulter and gunner ones)

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why the fuck would anyone buy something markedly WORSE?

Is your FOMO that out of control that you can’t stand a squad purchasable that is comparable to a free squad? God forbid bro.


that could or could not be balanced since a normal soldier will have much better weapons and perks than a premium one

you can be ok with a game being P2W, i am not :wink:

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lmao explain how it’s P2W, all I see is a dissasociation with lack of skill.


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I mean, I don’t see how that would make things unbalanced, when you can have a whole normal squad of max rank soldiers with better weapons, lol.

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not my fault if you cannot understand the concept of P2W

before the nerf the prem squads were just OP, i dont see how is this even debatable

you got me there

that was BEFORE, then they got nerfed too hard when real problem was the 35% hp perk that they could get

I said that they nerfed to oblivion for they price they are. So they either need to buff them a bit but still keep them worse than a full researched techtree squad or cut their prices on half or something