Burning Sky: Part 2

Yes Yes its all a big misunderstanding. See, we never wanted to add premiums to Stalingrad ( except for the biplane and now these 2 ) just as you could complete just 8 days to get the reward for the event (but we decided to screw you over in the 9th day and change it )

It’s just all of you who didnt understand, pay 60$ for the 2 squads, after you paid 30$ for the all access bundle, no biggie. ---- probably devs


Why did you choosed the King Tiger Porsche turret ? It has literally no sens lol

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To be fair here, the biplane is useless and just trophy for whales and simps who want girls. Suomi is a different question (the PPSh squad is not really usefull for me too and just cosmetic).


For the russians its mostly cosmetic, I can accept that ( a little bit) but the Axis squad offers a brand new weapon which by the way would be much appreaciated in Moscow. So for the Axis I completely disagree with the approach.
In total: You are right, that might be their logic…


at least better than moscow, nice

To everyone talking that DEVs said there will be only one premium squad for Stalingrad campaign, read it again:

For more clear view, “will be the only premium squad for the Battle for Stalingrad ON RELEASE”, this doesn’t say only one premium squad for the entire campaign, but only one premium squad on Stalingrad release (with possible more squads later on).

I must admit that for a long time by reading comments before I thought the same, there will be just one premium squad in Stalingrad, but now after reading announcement more carefully it wasn’t meant to be like that.


I’ll only spit on You once…


That T-34 could be a T-34 for f2p guys. Still, paypigs will get it in first 2-3 games.

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See that’s what I’m wondering. Will it be locked or not.

All what ppl seem to care about right now is a specific tank turret…

Sweet, been hoping to see the Suomi KP/31 in game! Any it could be introduced to Moscow to accompany the M/28 squad?

They are at lvl 28, not many f2p players will get there so it’s basically a full acces even if they are free.

Its the Full Access part thats misleading. How can we have full access if we cant use those 2 squads without paying more. Those squads have no use as premiums anyway in a campaign with 4X Exp (for the fools that bought it) + premium time.

But I guess you’re right, the devil is in the details and that sneaky “on release” was put there just so we could lose a little bit more trust in the devs.


You’d be surprised how many ppl have no life and can grind for hours a day :no_mouth: I know some completely free players who finished Stalingrad already…


Can we get a 100 round drum version of the Thomson submachinegun?

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100 round drum version of the Thompson submachine gun for Normandy I think later

In addition, the Bren machine gun also has a drum version. I hope the British army can get a more powerful machine gun instead of the American automatic rifle with only 20 rounds.


So… why bother grinding the new T-34 in Stalingrad? It’s arguably worse than the STZ variant.

Maybe it’s not locked behind full access pack.


I just checked this Bren gun with 100 drum magazine, I just wonder if it’s even possible to aim with this thing.

I hope, but I guess the AT nades are going to be for free… at least thats would be the next levl of irony.