Bullets won`t hit the enemy, but the enemy hits me

Ok everyone, I have a problem. A serious one.
When I line up my weapon to shoot the enemy the bullets wont hit. I have tried everything. Changing guns, firing multiple times, changing the place I shoot at, e.g. I shoot in the head and the bullet doesnt hit, then I try in the body a multiple times and the enemy kills me, because he has seen where I am :joy: . On every single campaign the problem occurs and I don`t know how to fix it. Help if you can.

yea i have had this a few times :frowning:

same here man, its even more noticeable with semi auto rifles

There are already topics on this issue, please search before posting more.

I’ve been dealing with the same issue too. It seems that only Melee and Explosives work, i hope they get this fixed.