Bullet of Mosin nagant with silencer flys way to high

I aimed exactly at the red dot in his head when i shot.
The bullet however flew way higher, this makes it difficult to hit headshots in a distance to 50 meters.
Sadly for a sniper rifle, bad accuracy makes this gold order gun almost unusable…

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Are you sure it isn’t intended? Iirc that bullet is subsonic, thus very slow, thus crappy ballistic, so the scope could be taking that into account and be set at a fixed distance. Try shooting at 100m.


I would say its the other Side, you have to aim higher

If the scope is set to be dead on target at 50m, a slow bullet will hit HIGHER than the scope at shorter distances and LOWER if farther.


You mean aim at the chest to hit the head?

I think then it should fly lower, or at least not just always at the exact same spot way to high which currently is the case.

Have you tried with closer and farther targets?

Serpiko is right. The default distance is usually 100m, therefore the bullet hits the target at a distance of 50 meters higher.
Take the Panzerfaust as example: if you set the distance to 100m but the tank is at 30 meter, you need to aim way lower so that the projectile hits the target.


The standard atmospheric model tells us that the speed of sound, or Mach 1, at sea level is:

1,116.4 ft/s
340.3 m/s
761.2 mph
1,225.1 km/h
661.5 knots

the M91/30 and Dragoon rifles shoot 815m/s and teh M1938 Carbine shoots 775m/s which are both well above mach. The suppressed M91 you get with the gold weapon order shoots at
and as you can see comparing to the above quoted numbers for what sea level mach is this rifle does indeed shoot just slightly below mach to avoid creating a sonic boom from the bullet so that the suppressor have the best chance to reduce the report at the muzzle to help conceal the user from a distance.

There is a fair chance the scope might be zeroed to hit at 100m given the shown poi/poa in the OP’s picture but regardless you will ahve to lead targets significantly more and aim higher at distance.

well its my first cutted Video, its hard to collect reflekting Gameszenes
Not everything is good and not everything good is bad
i would NOT recommend this Gold Order

3:52 starts the Sniper

i would call it… the Everlasting-Reload-GoldOrder

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