Help me i cant play with this bug…I can only fighting only with grenade launcher and meele it wont miss… i try shooting with every rifle,smg,machine gun in 2-3 feets .even when enemy get knocked with medpack and i use mg42 in front my face i still cant even kill him

i always use money for this game for veteran etc and all my campaign is lvl 35 max.
last patch i got bugged its so sucks
Plss tell me how to fix and if another thread similiar to this let me know


Even my TIGER II MG Turret and the shell 50% always miss…help me

I would like to help, yet I have never heard of something like this.
Do you have video or something? I’m curious and maybe it can help the solve the bug.

Yeah and my ISP are fastest and good. same issues with this dude thread. Bullets won`t hit the enemy, but the enemy hits me - #5 by 8836371

and i know im not even lagging and got no connection problem.not even single bullet can kill the enemy and bots in squad mode…only with meele and explosive devices like grenade and kar98 launcher,and panzerfaust,+ meele attack…in game im not even lag and have glich issues.ill cr8 video later


I’ve been dealing with the same problem too, I assume it is a Ping related issue with the new animations. (Assuming you’re not from either of the regions where the servers are hosted.)

Regardless i hope the devs adress this cause they’re essentially cucking inter regional play and anyone that isn’t from NA or EU from playing the game.

Hope they fix soon!!