Built items will destroyed by themselves automaticity

As the title, whatever where we built, what we built. Items will break by themselves together at a moment. I watched how they broke into pieces. There was no enemy near by.

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Grey zone = auto remove, probably because of ram savings.

Also Rally point bug still exists with each incoming team spawning higher until one lucky fella is about 2m high, falling into the rally point and destroying it.

We did not lose the first point yet, but items just destroyed. It just happened in my game, and luckily I recorded it.


maybe because the way you play is problem

Bug is a bug. Something that should not happen happened. Then, it need to be fixed as soon as possible. I don’t understand what’s the point of you making excuses for this terrible bug. You think bug should not be fixed or what?


Confirmed. Engineer building breaks for no reason since yesterday.


I’ve experienced something similar.

The item I want to build will not be finnished normally, it restarts the building process over and over.

Did it like I always did it, so it must be a bug.

yeah my mortar crew where having the smae issue…ammo box destroying themself…kinda anoying…doesnt spend them material …at least

If you are talking about rally points disappearing after many spawns, then it’s not a bug and it doesn’t work how you describe it.

Rally point has 20 uses/spawns pool, so when somebody spawn on it for the 20th time (works everytime) it will destroy itself, nothing to do with soldiers falling on it, just game design so your rally point will not be there forever, you need to “refresh it” from time to time.

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So, it’s like it does not cost your material when you build it? Or it returns your material after your items break themselves? It might be the reason that how this bug happened.

I dont see any bug, just him clicking around like some maniac without any order.

Not true; you can perfectly fine reach 40 spawns with a rally point. Just need to sandbag it tight like your dick before going to Pattaya.

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So you didn’t see how all of these things that he just built disappear at the same time (0:39 - 0:43), both sandbag walls and rally point, nothing exploded nearby. I personally had similar situation like that few times already since this update Making Enlisted a Better Place №6, other people also report this bug on forum.

I already put the video right there, and you say “I dont see any bug”. So, there is nothing wrong with the way I play this game. It just you are not familiar with this game.

Are you sure about it? I’ve looked through all Update News about Rally Points and only found 2 updates with information about changes to Rally Point spawn limit, one is from 6th November 2020 (limit 20) and next one from 12th November 2020 (this one set it on 15 spawn limit). Anyway I read many posts on the forum and I’ve seen other players saying about 20 spawn limits (in last 4-5 months), I myself experienced that limit of 20:

6th Nov 2020

12th Nov 2020

If you find any other information about other limits I would like to see it, but this is all I found.

Not true, or Atleast the changes they made into them months ago might not be working right.

Had spawn points in defencive battles that lasted all the fight on the first cap point and team was spawning in them over and over. Yet the spawn point survived way way way more than 20 spawns.

It’s pretty hard to test with random players, sometimes people will not spawn on your rally point or enemy will destroy it much earlier (if you try to build it way back in safe place don’t expect anybody to use your rally if it’s too far :wink:).

To be completely sure about number of spawns you would need to build only one perfect rally point (expecting players to constantly use it and that it survive) and nothing else, so you can compare it with your engineer score. But now it’s almost impossible to test because of latest bug with buildings disappearing.

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