Bugs and Gripes Xbox X

Have reported this before but never had reply.
Aiming with tanks, AA Guns and AT Guns.
On xbox the t-bar reticle continuously locks on to inanimate objects in the foreground and will not shoot where the user wants to aim. It basically ruins tank battles for me on a regular basis and is still happening after a year…
Is this a known issue with settings or something you need to fix?
Also Question: do you plan to make custom match creation better on console? I understand the limitations posed by console for the full map editor to be non-viable, but could you at least add better features in the “create game section”
I would enjoy features like adding:
full map areas for huge battlegrounds
Higher numbers of AI (just disable XP and progression)
Being able to select specific AI enemies so more diverse battles could created eg: Stalingrad Axis vs Tunisia Allies etc
Higher vehicle numbers for tank battles
Adding Modern campaign resource
Adding Moon Campaign resource
Forcing PC mods into crossplay (the amount of mods available to play on console is sadly lacking, I believe this is due to a high number of modders playing PC only)

I’ve played on console since the beta, spent a fortune supporting the game and always enjoyed the inclusive feeling you guys created, however, as time goes by and less features seem available on console, I’m beginning to feel like an afterthought. I feel more effort should be made to develop the console experience.

Hope to hear back from you