Brainlet Darkflow be like

tried to play berlin today, 3 out of 6 games were werbig station variants.
do i really have to explain the stupidity in forcing this upon players?
but yes, its more important to listen to some loser complaining about tank skins instead; good work darkflow!


There are so many maps in this game, so many good maps. It is frustrating when I get the same map twice or more in a row, I really don’t see any reason for it.

Hi. I would be happy to get the same map only twice. I get in the Berlin campaign the train map in different variants up to seven times. I have complained about this several times and asked to be able to select different maps via map menu Klick and then not play. As it is possible in H&G. However, this was not responded to in the slightest. The train map has frustrated me so much that I just click away and leave when it comes. In the meantime, I shit on point deductions for rank advancement.
It’s better to give up the points instead of having to play the same map over and over again.

I basically stopped playing berlin because of this shitty map
It seems that every time the devs add a new map to a campaign it gets selected for matches 9 out of 10 times