Bots are actually killing things now!

I’ve now seen my bots go on 3 man killstreaks, they aren’t dying as much now. They feel like they’re doing something now!
Good job devs!


Maybe this is what was in that mystery update we had the other day, perhaps? lol.

maybe this will make up for the amount of times they just stood around getting shoot at

Nice flag brother

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I noticed that too! It’s almost like they are learning XD

The bots I mean, of course haha.

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I did not notice a change in bots but I did notice that they actually keep track of their kills


The ai could be possible learning.
For your ai to kill, other ai must die. There must be a equilibrium somehow.

But yeah, I noticed my ai soldiers shooting on targets for once and scoring kills. Which was a pleasant experience.


thanks bro

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I feel like a proud father watching my bois grow up. It’s beautiful

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Pretty sure they haven’t changed anything to do with them, they just track the kills now, which was broken until recently.


That’s true.
But beside that I also noticed that my bots became slightly more agressive too, especially when I mark the enemy for them.

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They probably kill more but they are still climbing around every fence and trench, looking into a wall while getting ambushed, etc. that is what they should focus improving the AI

Maybe it was just a weird luck, but sometimes bots are getting some kills even without being a gunner class. I wonder what was that update actually about.

Isn’t that strange? Team mates do that too but only 5% of the player population marks. WHY?! LOL its so easy to do and you get xp for doing it I mean why NOT spot?

I think that some part of the community doesn’t care about teamplay and mechanics that support that. Instead of marking, setting rally points etc. they prefer to “run and gun” like it is another COD.
Enlisted also lacks proper tutorial that would explain those mechanics to the new players. In current tutorial they can only run how to run, shoot and throw a grenade - there is nothing there about importance of engineers and marking (Im pretty sure that most players don’t even know that bots react to our markings nad are more effective that way)

as for now the only problem the bots have is a really shitty pathfinding but for what concern shooting they are ok…obviously they are BOT so you cant pretend to run and gun and expect bot to become john wick…well bots armed with smg maybe good at close range but for what concern bot equipped with bolt/semi/mg i suggest to stay at mid-long range select a good formation (if you are aon the open or in a forest i suggest wide-formation) and MARK enemy position. Bots tend to face marked position so if you mark enemy position and shoot at enemy they will start shooting and actually hit/kill enemy. Heck in a match one of my bot armed with a Breda 30 made a killstreak of 7!

Anyone with half a brain can figure out that spawn points are incredibly important after only a few games, anyone who still fails to place spawn points after that might as well be a bot.