Boltie Freenzy


Is it much worse than 6 to 8 “Marshalls” using just ppsh41, or fg42II, etc. ?

Experienced players will, well, remain experienced, whatever the weaponry they use.

The only difference now, is that even lvl 1 players can use those very same bolties.

Better than the automatics meta, where even an experienced new player might struggle before being lvl 30 as well…

There’s no power creep with bolties. Only experience 🤷

Yes if they do it for prove the:
“bolt-action are op need nerf”
And for now what they prove is they suck, a lot



I misunderstood what you were saying! You don’t think bolties are too op, you say you’re against the loosers that want them nerfed, because it’s harder for them to stomp new players now that they have a firearms giving them a fighting chance.

I’m with you on this.


I’ve been playing just fine with ZHs, AVTs, AVSs, FG42s, M2 Carbines, etc. None of the top-tier weapons got any worse effectively(oh boo hoo teeny weeny more recoil), bolt actions just got buffed up to be useful. Anyone who says the update made the high-level weapons unviable is just trash.