Bolt action rifles doing only wounds?

Playing in Berlin and Japanese campaign. I could see that theres no more instant kills with bolt action rifles. I mean, before, most shots killed in the first bullet. But now, this is rare to happen.

Did anyone notice this?


Playing against players with vitality


I noticed it more and more too

There was a stealth patch, maybe they did something

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I dont think that that should matter with the BA buff that we got. My label did 28 damage. Vitality or not your dead.

Might be something else.

Yes, I also noticed that. Of course there is the thing about the caliber, the Japanese and Italian BAs are weaker, but still. They probably nerf the damage without saying it. Now you need a full upgraded BA for 1 shot 1 kill.

Hum interesting, they might’ve touched the chance to be downed of soldiers, but weapon damage values are still the same

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Maybe is because of this in pacific war update.


Yes. Many soldiers are only being knocked at 100m+, and I had a few cases when my +35% vitality guy wasn’t dying after taking a hit from rifle in cqb.

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Oh good call. I forgot about that being done recently. That might be it.

there was a change to the damage module somethink like you only do %30 of full damage if you hit the legs and %40 if you hit the arms

Finally a conversation without angry kids. Thanks all you.