Block players joining lobbies

So I have a few players on my blocklist, terrible to play against or with, suspected toggles of hacks, i.e.
Ya know, the usual.

I just don’t think those people deserve to play, therefore I don’t want to play against them.
I’ll just straight up leave the lobby if they’re in there, but there’s no notification, nothing.

What does the block list even do?
Just keep people from “friending” or contacting you?
What’s the point of this so-called “block list”?


there are no cheaters

for me it works most of the time, but on days where the playerbase is scraping the bottom of the barrel, you’ll be forced with them (and a team made up entirely of bot accounts im sure. literally every match ive had today has been that.)

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I would rather have bot match


block list in games are usually for friend list and to stop people from messaging you.
you get MM with players available at that time. also bad players may just be bots, so it is not unusual if you see them often.


Blocking idiots who use barbed wire in dumb ass places would be my use.

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Never found a chetear, and if a found he,s no better that me.

I dont know about this.

Look, it is understandable if some is bad at the game itself especially in the beginning of a campaign, however he might turn out to be awesome juts 1-2 days after playing it a bit more?

Seems pretty harsh that there would be excessive blocking etc. Without decent reason.

Cheaters are different, completely different but I think that this company/ system already has some systems in place against them?

I dont know, I have never cheated, dont even know how to do it ICT wise.

Block list is for little angry kids to dont lose their minds.

I have never understood why cheating in Multiplayer is ever enjoyable. I get having God mode etc… in single player games for fun. It suppose be about how good you are and you don’t get better by lowering the bar. I suppose it must the same weak mentality that makes “men” pretend to be women to finally win something in sport.

I don’t understand it either man.

Agreed, but honestly I just block those of whom I don’t enjoy playing with nor against.
I get that everyone focused on the word “cheats,” but that’s not what I was really getting at, some people I just straight up don’t want to play in the same lobby as because it’s just not fun to.

My point is that the blocking doesn’t seem to be helping, some people are just not fun to play with or against.

I’d rather join a lobby that is fun to play in and not having to bother with leaving the lobby mid-match just to be penalized, not positively contribute to the team and just not enjoy playing the game.

Don’t get too wrapped up in my mention of potential cheaters, it was an example that many can relate that they’d rather not play with nor against.

Please avoid linking this kind of stuff, even to prove a point.

Less traction this “garbage” gets, the better off for the health of this game.