Bf 110 C-7 aircraft wrong class during battle in Moscow and Tunisia campaign


Bf 110 C-7 Attacker is considered as an Fighter during battle both in Moscow and Tunisia campaign. This bug is very similar to the one recently fixed about P-38 G-1.


In my squads loadout I have both Fighter and Attacker airplanes

One battle today when playing Tunisia Axis, I was about to spawn in Fighter plane, but couldn’t because this type of aircraft was taken while Attacker was still available. When I was spectating battlefield before respawn, I saw Bf 110 crashing while bombing and immediately after it crashed, the fighter slot become available (with attacker slot still open). This means Bf 110 C-7 is taking the Fighter slot instead of Attacker.

Later today I unlocked Bf 110 C-7 in Tunisia and while flying this plane there was also Ju-87 flying at the same time, both are Attackers in game (at least should be). So now I’m sure this bug is still in the game related to exactly this aircraft model, as the same thing happens in Moscow with the same Bf 110 C-7.

Please don’t wait months to fix this bug when you already got it right for P-38 G-1.

Pretty sure this bug has been in the game since start of OBT (or atleast not long after)

also, plz no fix, bf 110 stuka combo is based


I’m aware of this bug since I first unlocked this aircraft in Moscow campaign about 10 months ago, won’t deny it’s in the game for much longer than that. I reported it myself few times already since then, but lost hope it will be fixed ever (same with P-38), now the same aircraft is in Tunisia with the same bug, so…

better than having a fighter occupy the attacker slot for over a year so you are unable to use any kind of CAS when everyone who has played abt 1 hr wants to fly circles the whole match.

still thats stupid and should be fixed asap instead of being let go for over a year

I have seen this bug too now that’s a mystery solved, good, Moscow axis needed some type of buff anyway, be it officially or not, now I’ll exploit it to the unpleasantness of some Soviet sweaty balls

Imo it’s not a bug, just how it should be.
Make the Pe-3 do the same thing and it’ll be perfect.

if its a bug It should stay, moscow axis needs cas more than anything.

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This is the first time I consider a feature when it comes to bugs. Moscow and Tunisia Axis is a little bit weak when it comes to everything, they need some help. I appreciate the extra CAS when playing the weaker side.

Dude shush axis moscow suffers why you gotta bring it up

Wait, they finally fixed P38G1 bug? At this point I had thought that they wanted that bug to stay…

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