Berlin campaign Is Now Available

Behind a 49,-€ paywall… 49,-€?!?
This left a really bad taste…

Not with me.


Dont feed the snail.

this is a bit rich asking to purchase a new squad every campaign !! shame on you…

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SU “Shock Troops” came. How many K98 bullets to kill them?

+35% vitality + body armour
I guess 1 panzerfaust rocket may be enough but I’m not sure.
But they are 5 euro more expensive, balance via economy?

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Fck this…
They really want me to pay F
CKING AGAIN i am already CBT i shouldn’t be paying again for CBT!


or you wait a couple of weeks and get free access


yeah, ill do that

Nah, i shouldn’t be waiting i already paid for CBT i should get access to it automatically.

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We could at least test it for free, more people testing it = more good ideas, am I right?


But then they dont earn money.

i’m not related to darflow/gaijin team, i just saw the news, and i decided to post it for everyone.

so unfotunally, i cannot give you an answer

I know it takes time, money, resorces and others to make in game stuff like troops and such. But why the hell does a squad of men cost 35 Euro! Even in War Thunder, a single tank is like 40 Euro!

UPDATE From the Official Team:

Lmao hell no! Closed testing of single campaign is not worth that much.
This feels more like a cashgrab more than anything.


My question is I bought it, I know bad… but will it wipe progress or can I use my saved points and battle pass stuff, without losing them?

there’s litterally written in the post mentioned above

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@TheElite96 @JagdEnte can someone gently close this thread?

as it’s not relevant anymore, and the official post about berlin has been made a few minuts after my post.

i guess that we can all agree that it’s just going to draw negative attentions.

This is really a slap in the face for all CBT-Tester who paid already for the CBT! Nobody should participate in the testing so Gaijin can do it for its own or they have to pay for professional tester.