Before you puish the "deserter" consider let the players decide if the want to join a ongoing battle

time and times i was throw into a battle where the enemy has captured a point or even 2 points, or my teammate has captured 1-2 point.
The top player on one side have already killed 30+, the other side only 1-2.
This is not fair, If the enemy captured a point or even 2 points, I’m about to lose.
If the previously joined teammate killed 30+ that means, I’m more not likely to get battle heroes,
meanwhile, the vesicles is more likely to be used, so I don’t have a equal chance to use them.

The matchmaking system also do the things like:
A team have 3 players, B team has only 2 players.
as more players want to join team A, the final status like:
A team 10 players, B team still has 2 players.


Or certains modes like conquest or train, I really don’t enjoy those.

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Actually that happens in part due to quitters. Obviously they can’t just start punishing more harshly without improving other areas and expect the problem to fully disappear, but it’s simply not sustainable for people to freely quit matches. Not in a game with such a heavy emphasis on progression.

Everyone has to stay for the entire match or no one gets to experience that match fully (or to be rewarded fairly). Quitting makes the game unplayable for one half the players in that match and boring for the other half. With high enough percentage of quitters all battles become that way.

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I want a reward for not quitting. After all, you said it yourself, I’m basically a hero


Perhaps rather than putting it in the “deserter” issue column, they should have options regarding whether you join partial games or not. Same goes to certain game modes.
However, the more that you have toggled “ON” you get a small rewards multiplier. This way it keeps players jumping into a variety of games to grind resources, and still lets seasoned players chose what they would like to play.


Warthunder has the option to not join battles in progress. should be used

also need to be able to filter out game type (I dont want to play conquest EVER)

With those two options, nation crew lock from Warthunder is acceptable