Battle Points Rebalance

This is big news for each and every Enlisted player — we’re doing a major rebalance of Battle Point rewards for lots of valuable actions!


Every action in a battle brings you closer to victory. No battle is limited strictly to kills — you build your own or break enemies’ constructions, you heal, mark enemies, attack vehicles, provide ammo. Since the first balancing of scoring actions, enough time has passed that our game has seen the introduction of more powerful tanks, faster and more heavily-armed aircraft, and countless new mechanics.

The catalyst for this economic balancing act was the desire to make rewards for actions more fair and relevant to the effort put into them.


  • 50% increase in battle points awarded for destroying armored vehicles and all related actions, such as damage assistance;
  • 100% increase in battle points for destroying aircraft and all related actions, such as damage assistance;
  • 20% increase in battle points for contributing to the team as an Engineer: use of your structures, damage by your structures, assists with your structures.
  • 20% increase in battle points for destroying enemies’ engineer structures;
  • 50% increase in battle points for being useful to the team as a Medic: healing, as well as the use of your medical boxes.
  • 20% increase in battle points for repairing and extinguishing armored vehicles.

All of these changes are already live!

Now you will be getting much more points in battles the more valuable you are to your team. These changes are a great addition to the large list of improvements for the new Battle Pass Season.


Did you just… Did you just make the grind easier?
I can’t believe that!


Mod editor’s custom blk loading and custom template feature. when?

Score is nice, but we still don’t know how it translates into xp.
I guess more score = more xp anyway so thanks.

Just wish we could know how xp is calculated based on score


Cheap keofox

We love You


There is absolutely useless with these scores more or less in mod games, and there is no economy.

Please enable the CRSED soul score mechanism for the mod editor, it costs scores to deploy vehicles.

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wow this is just an overall buff to my gameplay. Very happy about the annoucement

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Guys, match scores is not directly bound with base XP.
So, hope they never decrease the mystery translation of scores to base XP.

But still, very interesting to see dev balance by not nerfing anything. (they have did it pretty often in missions/weapons. But hardly ever reduce reward like Warthunder, a game which pretty against all new comers by now)

Also, the destruction of enemy vehicle is still pretty poor. I dont think it should award to the last player who damaged it. But to the player who contribute to most damage.
For example, lots of times, my vehicle kills were given to others, who simply shot it with a rifle after the driver ran away and triggered the destruction.


And how it translate in xp? If the xp are the same and not buffed like the basic score, this change is only smoke in the eyes


Plz let us know if the xp are buffed as well



More battle score=more xp for less time, i presume. So, i think, xp got buffed a bit too


Wait, by battle points, you mean more xp yes?

If that’s the case, it’s tremendously good news!


With this I can go up a whole level if i destroy a convoy of bomber planes


Great changes, but…

For the love of god, increase point rewards for capping objectives, especially on destruction matches. If I have to sit there vulnerable as a newborn kitten while planting the bomb, I should get points when its set, NOT just if it explodes.

A broad 50%/100% increase for other objective work is in order as well. This would incentivize people for actually playing the objective, while your teammates are busting caps/covering you/flying/building stuff.


Cool. More xp is always nice.

XP to destroy heavy machine guns would be Apreciated

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Great changes overall.

Just one thing:
I know there are a lot of you members who love to fly and all incentives to get more ppl (fighters) in the air are good.
But if you shoot down an air strike bomber who already dropped their load and passed the objective it should be a massive decrease in XP.

It’s ridiculous that you now get 350 points for shooting down a harmless bomb plane.


technically it still not harmless since it can shoot you back but sure

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Those planes are future threat, each bomber killed is not just gonna have to be replaced, but the crew that died have to be replaced and trained too.

Just like in ww2, when planes dropped bombs no one shoot them anymore because they were harmless??

Also are you really calling for less score/xp in this game, with this grind? What?
Planes were screwed for 2 years, good for them to finally have some xp too.
Literally grezyzone takners being mad that clicking he on Normandy beach no longer gives him free 1st spot.

Boost some other score/xp? Sure.
Boohoo nerf score for something bc it’s harmless? GTFO


Why? Who is hurt when somebody gets xp from shooting down bombers?


This means what?


I would rather see you being useful for my team and not give a fuck about those bombers who already dropped their bomb loadout.
It’s ridiculous the go out on a hunt to take those down to flatter your score.
Sure you can continue a pursuit but I see a lot of players taking up the hunt AFTER the planes dropped their bombs.