Battle of stalingrad AVT-40 not available for riflemen

In logistics weapon is shown to be available to riflemen, engineers and assault but in reality you are unable to equip them on riflemen.

They said Mkb and AVT won’t be available for rifleman/troopers. Only assaulters and engineers.


Well f me i guess, I was going on the info that was under logistics. bought 10 of em to equip on my riflemen.
Its no big deal honestly but i just submitted it that devs might correct the info in logistics so other people wouldnt make the mistake i did.

So you were ready to spam troops with automatic weapons I see


TBH, the description is misleading if it says that this weapon is available for Rifleman, just saying.

i got to the avt by using mostly bolt actions and not buying a single gun. so hell yea i was gonna give all my troops avt’s =D

just more reasons not to play Stalingrad

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Eh fair enough, at least it wasn’t 30 or something for absolutely every possible troop

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