Battle for Berlin Reinforcements

Reinforcements are arriving, commander! Let us talk about three new campaign levels of the Battle for Berlin campaign, which will be added to the game in the upcoming major update.


Both sides will be able to fly out fast new fighters. To use a new aircraft just select the pilot squad and choose the vehicle from the menu.


Compared to its predecessor in the USSR campaign the La-5, the “Yakovlev” Yak-3 is lighter, faster and better suited for maneuvering in low altitude engagements. It has lighter but nevertheless effective weaponry: a single 20-mm ShVAK autocannon and two 12.7-mm UBS machine guns which can easily deal with any enemy aircraft you encounter.

GERMANY | BF 109 G-14

This “Gustav” modification of the Bf 109 is faster and more maneuverable than the G-6 version. Despite this, engineers did not have to compromise on the weaponry, the G-14 is similarly equipped with a single MG 151 (20-mm) cannon and two 13-mm MG 131 machine guns. This aircraft is not quite as maneuverable as contemporary Russian fighters, and as such is much better suited for fast ‘boom and zoom’ attacks.


Flamethrower squads arrive at Berlin! What seemed like effective cover can now become a deadly trap if your enemies get to this campaign level first.


«Flamethrowers». This squad can have 2 flamethrower troopers and 5 soldiers of other classes.

ROKS-2 Flamethrower

This is the first flamethrower available to Soviet soldiers in the campaign. It has a mediocre jet stream distance - only up to 18 meters. But has low fuel consumption and gives you the potential to clear a large area with a 15 second long burst of flame. An effective tool to kill enemies in buildings and trenches. Also you can use the flamethrower to block the view ports on armored vehicles and even burn down a tank’s engine.

Historical information

This division participated in the Vislo-Oder operation, coming right to the Oder shores. Then, weaving its way through the German lines of defence, and heading straight for the city of Berlin.


«Flamethrowers». This squad can have 2 flamethrower troopers and 5 soldiers of other classes.

Flammenwerfer 35 flamethrower

The first flamethrower available for the Wehrmacht in the campaign. It shares many similarities to the ROKS-2: with a jet stream of up to 18 meters in length, and 15 seconds of fuel capacity. When playing defensive modes, flamethrowers can help to hold choke points, set corridors on fire and push back attackers before reinforcements arrive.

Historical information

The division was assembled mostly with Luftwaffe personnel. It suffered great losses during the battle at Seelow heights. But after conducting a successful counterattack, it fought its way to Berlin to strengthen its defences.


Weapons unlocked at this level can be used by any appropriate soldier class. Just click on the soldier to manage his weapons in the first or secondary slot.


The DPM modification of the DP-27 aimed to make the machine gun easier to use in combat. It has a faster reloading cycle and a pistol grip - making it easier to control the vertical recoil of this already very precise machine gun.


A modernised version of the MG 34 with an even higher rate of fire, making this machine gun deadly against groups of enemy soldiers. Otherwise - it is still the same famous machine gun, known among soldiers as the “Knochensäge” (Bone Saw).




The helmet is just a placeholder I hope?

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So basically more completely reused stuff from other campaigns. And to try something new we will need to grind up to the 20. and higher levels.

You had perfect opportunity to introduce this badboy as first flamethrower for Germans with some VS squad:

And some older machineguns, that would perfectely fit Volkssturm at the lower levels.

Introducing such things later in the campaign, after the players already have MG-42 would be pointless. IMO this is a missed oportunity.


Only 3 levels with nothing but old things? Disappointing.


Still in Closed BT stage.
And 4 nothing new weapons which most are from or a nearly same with other campaigns’ weapons.
Also not saying about the real useful information about the 2 new planes, what’s the bomb loadout?
Oh god.
This game is on the terrible way towards my worst expectations! If still using current unlock method. Especially Germans and Soviet will have to grinding for the same weapons multiple times!!!


oh yeah can’t wait to grind the MG42 AGAIN and AGAIN in Tunisia.

Fallschirmjaeger once again do not have any unique smocks or helmets.


It does not look like a good task to bring us these news, the lone fighter change and this weren’t too enthusiastically welcomed by us. Bad for devs and bad for players in the long run. :stuck_out_tongue:

they keep announcing dumb shit.


I didn’t say it’s a good announcement either, but I fear the attitude goes in the wrong direction. As I enjoy the game otherwise, I wish it to happen differently…


oh I understand and agree with you.

Why on earth can´t they understand that people are getting fed up with the same BS over and over again…8 times the full grind to get your Troops to max, MG 42 is surly nice, but why would I grind the damn thing twice or even three times over :frowning:

What´s next… are they going to ask us to pay for Tunisia and very single game change they do??

This is what we really want, at least for germans … last ditch guns
sorry for russian team, but i dont really care what they got. PPD 40 with bayonet, T34, rifles with bayonet and germans ? VG2 with skin of Kriegsmodell kar98 … only recycled MP40 with 2 mags … panzerfaust that pesky russian use too “jesus christ” :smiley:


Eeehhhh maybe this should’ve been saved for a later dev blog don’t you think? Maybe within the dev blog that’s actually discussing this upcoming major update that you mentioned?? Idk kinda seems useless to announce things that are already in other campaigns :confused: but are now just in Berlin. Although I will admit there are a couple of new additions here. But it would be awesome to hear more about this upcoming update tho rather than this.

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this. all VG program weapons should be added.

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