Balancing the US side

Well so by now I think everybody has realised, that the US in Normandy campaing is majorly underpowered in Invasion mode. Even if both teams consist of relatively capable players, the US often loses at the last cap because of depleting its reinforcements. That is majorly due to the fact, that the german Bf110 and Pz III N outmatch their counterparts in the US side, but this topic is not about nerfing them. From my experience playing both US and Germany, additional 300-500 reinforcements throughout the game could make the US win rate comparable to the German. I think the penultimate point should give the US higher reinforcement bonus than the rest, as if they have made it this far, it is unfair to lose just because the Germans bomb you with 6x500kg bombs and rockets. What is your opinion? Do you think US needs some buffing, or they are just fine?


Soo Allied players have spawn protection for 10 sec(axis dont)
The spawn delay is 5 sec (axis is 10 sec)
They spawn almost closer than the defenders on some maps.
They have the utterly broken jumbo which sometimes just shrugs of 5 explosive packs
They have 2 planes
The map borders are bigger for them and they can pretty much flank from wherever they decide while axis are very limited in terms of place available(though there was some fixing done on that but still you can pretty much shoot axis players at spawn from the back which is OOB for them…
How many more helps you need?
Also i didnt mention that they get the most “bots”?



Seriously, the US wins or dies by Engineer Rally points, building cover to the objectives, and actually going in the objectives.

Darn near every I’ve lost, it’s because we’re just not advancing and players are just farming kills.


Everyone has it. If not, report this as a bug, not some wierd balancing factor.

Germans too

That’s kinda true - spawns and map borders on some maps would profit from slight adjustement. But it doesn’t seem to be much problem for me.

Damage models for tanks are broken overall and I’m sure that there will be players from the Allies side saying the same about german tanks. Jumbo should be removed, but mostly because of the powercreep that it creates by its time travels.

And to @20010879 - I think that devs have enough internal data about that and if they would see that some slight adjustements should be done then they would just do it.

Similar can be said about the Germans, they have 2 planes that can obliterate half of the team and in current damage model of aircraft there is not much the Allied fighters can do agains their first run, they get mg42 nests in most of the points, which can mow down 2 squads before the’re noticed and tanks that kill infantry with ease and have no problems dealing with the Stuart or M8 GMC.
I’m talking about my observation (which obviously can be wrong), that German teams win much more often in invasion and it’s not only about the capability of the players in that teams. It is indeed easier to win as US in late campaing, when they get the Jumbo and the bomber, but in lower tier gameplay the US gets stomped most of the time. It’s why I grinded the German campaing so easily :wink:

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I think balance is more a general issue than a faction specific one. Planes rule the game, I feel they need a slight nerf in general. The arty still feels a bit too strong, I like that it does more dmg but the recent update to the cooldown is not enough to my liking. The Germans have the stronger bombers but for me that does not mean they need to be nerfed. If the dmg model of bombs on both sides gets tweaked a little bit I feel it will all balance out with both sides having a few strength and weaknesses.


This right here. I main Allies in Normandy but I feel like both sides have their benefits and cons. The main issue is honestly the player base and player behaviors.

If more people built rallies, pinged, communicated, used flank routes etc. it would be a completely different game. (which I think the devs need to find ways to reinforce these behaviors)

Included in this is the fact there isn’t really any voice chat (unless premade), so anything you try to run by the team, you have to type, so team communication is that much harder. I get they just added the quick chat wheel but it’s just kinda the bare minimum.

You also add in how matchmaking works and all you have are lobbies of 2-4 veteran players and the rest are there just for the ride. Then they just do their own thing, not really caring about what’s going on.

Honestly, this is where I feel like I lose most of my games, because the amount of times it’s been me with like 3-5k points and then the next best player has 800-1.5k points and I have more vehicle destroys than everyone on my team combined is just staggering.

TLDR: I don’t believe this game has a major faction imbalance issue, I believe it’s a matchmaking imbalance issue.

EDIT: Just played an axis game on Normandy since I’m trying to level it up now, and this is what I mean. This is just imbalanced matchmaking. I am level 6 on axis carrying everyone, and their team is stacked


Nahh, the main problem of Allies is that in Normandy it’s full of people who play only that one side and only Normandy campaign. They have no idea how everything looks and plays from the other side, they just suck and keep blaming everything else for their lack of learning from the game. We had these threads month before Germany got 2nd plane. On the Beach for example, you can tell from a 2nd point if Germany is playing against few competent players or just bots - if they are not even trying to flank to mountains or if they do, but just run in the open - those are “bots”, or worse than bots. In that case Germany loses only if it has the same “competence”.


The main problem is that the maps are largely asymmetrical, so it’s very hard to know whether it’s one side or the map that is unbalanced. Even conquest maps don’t switch bases, and there are a few that have far better terrain for one side over the other.

It’s also pretty blatant that late game, the German infantry weaponry is clearly superior. Compare the FG-42 and the MG-42 to the M2 carbine and the BAR2, which are the comparative weapons on each team and it’s very clear that the German weaponry is superior in virtually every metric there is. I don’t play enough air combat to have an opinion but a friend of mine who recently switched to German and bought the P2W fighter says he feels so much stronger in it compared to the US faction in the air.

Then if you compare the armor options, they’re fairly close across the board until you get to the Jumbo vs the P4H, where the range of areas each one can penetrate the other is substantially different. This is further exacerbated by the PIAT being considerably better than the Sturmpistole, giving the US team a substantial armor advantage if they have high tier players. Every game I’ve lost defending airfield has been to a dual Jumbo team with good players, and I’ve only seen it lost 4 times now out of close to 30 games.

Yes, I am a no-lifer on holidays at the moment who has played both sides of the Normandy campaign to the high 20’s. I will also say that the US teams I see winning on the attacking side do a few things.

  • they spread out
  • they build spawnpoints, particularly wide on the flanks
  • they have (preferably high tier) tanks that keep peoples heads down and shellshocked from range
  • they continually bomb the objective area and behind it, especially when they’re pushing

The only thing wrong about Invasion mode is Planes. That is the only thing that is somewhat unbalanced so far and if you get 2 Germans bombing you whole map, it gets absurdly hard to win.

Having said that, I suggest you progress to the Jumbo and realize how strong Allies have it when Germans don’t have plane players.

And no, I think Allies are totally fine. Here’s my stats from the past 14 days I played Allies on Normandy.

From my experience, having a Jumbo on their side on Invasion maps, Allies can easily wipe the first point and snowball the second one. Then use the momentum to place rallies flanking or close to third point and rush it too. The real fight starts usually around 4th point and if everything goes to plan and your team knows what they are doing you’ll get to the last point with around 400-500 tickets left, which is usually more than enough to close the game.

The only map that has ticket issues is the swamp map in Invasion mode. For whatever reason, it usually burns tickets super fast and gives back very little on winning the 3rd and 4th points. But, it’s still doable if you do first 2 points fast enough.

I am playing mainly Normandy and i dont thing Allies are under-powered or something. Most matches are quite balanced in my experience without any site winning all the time as in Berlin for example

From player 8 down they are bots, I think, today I played on the beach in Normadia, half of the team left with 500 tickets without winning the first point. I was watching when you choose squad, the tactical map and you saw how groups of squads went straight to the objective on the beach in a straight line and died, incredible.

I play in Normandy with both teams, I let the game match me on either team. and I can say that I win 50 or 60% with each team, keep in mind that if you do not have competent players, you do not go beyond the first point.

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This is some bs of the highest order, the explosive pack oneshots the jumbo, if you can’t even use the basic antitank gear that’s on you.

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guise i died once in my jumbo ;_; USA UP

US does not need a buff.

just one point learn to read its not 6x500 kg its 6x250 kg on the JU 188

6x 500 hot damn that would be something. Nowhere to hide

It doesn’t though, I have personally cooked TNT and thrown it on top of the turret to no effect.


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I have a ~60-70% WR as Allies in invasion modes in Normandy. Allies win invasion mode so long as they have respawn beacons down, and a competent tanker with an M8 / Sherman / Jumbo / Chaffee who prioritizes taking out MG nests on D-Day, or clearing hangers from the airstrip side on Airfield. Airfield is also easier still, as if you have a competent pilot, they can add 300-600 tickets shooting down barrage balloons.

Most of it comes down to said reliance on player competency. Honestly, Engineers building flanking and/or close-to-point respawn beacons is the #1 factor as to if you win or lose in invasion, generally speaking, though a good tanker can and will make up for team incompetency. Even if sometimes as said tanker you find yourself waiting for several minutes for team members to push up to the point after you’ve cleared it of hostiles 3-4 times, lol.

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